3 Guys Smoking Pot When A Squirrel Jumps

Three Guys Smoking Pot When a Squirrel Jumps Through the Sunroof3 Guys Smoking Pot When A Squirrel Jumps

A bizarre video has gone viral online showing three guys smoking pot in a car while a squirrel tries to climb through the sunroof. The scene was captured during a show called Whitest Kids U’Know. The three men, who are also smoking pot, were filmed for 75 seconds before the squirrel managed to make it out of the sunroof. In addition to the fact that they were intoxicated, the video also shows that Chong was subsequently barred from performing off-Broadway shows and off-Broadway.

Chong’s parole officer barred him from off-Broadway shows

In December 2004, Tommy Chong was scheduled to star in an off-Broadway show called The Marijuana-Logues, a parody of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. But after his parole officer barred him from appearing on stage, the tour was cancelled. This was due to fears that audience members might be smoking marijuana and violating his parole conditions. However, after the controversy and acclaim, Chong wrote a memoir called “The I Chong.”

Squirrels told me you smoked weed

A recent episode of the TV show Whitest Kids U’Know shows three guys in their car smoking pot when a squirrel jumps through their sunroof. The footage lasts about 75 seconds and makes for great viewing. Those who are familiar with the show may recall an episode where the same three guys were found to be smoking marijuana while driving. But this time the guys were not alone. Three other guys are found in the same car and their excitement is shared with everyone.

Who are the three people smoking pot?

Three guys

What does the squirrel do?

The squirrel jumps.

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