Benji the Squirrel Who Lost His Tail Book Reviewbenji-the-squirrel-who-lost-his-tail-book

You’ve probably heard of Benji the squirrel who lost his tail, but have you read it? If not, you should! This book is a wonderful introduction to the wonderful world of animals and can help young readers understand the importance of preserving nature. You’ll enjoy this story about a squirrel who loses his tail, and you’ll laugh along with the many illustrations! There are many reasons to read this book, and you’ll be glad you did!

Review of benji the squirrel who lost his tail

Benji the Squirrel has lost his tail! What does he do? How can he find it again? This uplifting story is based on true events, and it’s sure to delight young readers. Illustrations by Benjamin Phillips are beautiful, and the text is simple enough for young readers to understand. Benji’s story of resiliency and the need to be true to himself will resonate with children for years to come.


The characters of Benji the squirrel who lost his tail are a group of friends who all have the same goal: to find the missing tail. The book’s enchanting illustrations give readers an evocative sense of community and a common goal. It is a heartwarming, quietly joyful read that fosters compassion and empathy. For young readers, it will be especially charming and endearing.


Benji the squirrel is an unlikely hero. His small size and inability to follow his tadsiblings out of the nest are two reasons why he can’t make the trip across the large pond. His only friend is the big, threatening Big Blub. Ultimately, Tad must learn to swim and find his own way through the water. Julian Reisz creates a charming tale that kids can’t put down.


The illustrations of “Illustrations of Benji the Squirrel Who Lost His Tail” are sure to make children laugh and cry. The story follows Benje, a squirrel who loses most of his tail in a trap. He is comforted by an owl who suggests he make the best of the situation. With the help of his new friend, Benji finally finds a new way to enjoy life.


What is the name of the book?


Benji The Squirrel Who Lost His Tail


Who is the author of the book?






What is the main character’s name?




What does the main character lose?


His tail


How does the main character lose his tail?


A predator grabs it and he runs away


How does the main character feel about losing his tail?


sad embarrassed and self-conscious


Does anyone else know that the main character lost his tail?


No he tries to keep it a secret


How does the main character try to hide his tail?


He wears a leaf around his waist


Does the leaf disguise work?


No everyone can tell he is hiding something


Does the main character ever find his tail?




How does the main character feel at the end of the book?


content and accepted


What lesson does the main character learn?


It is okay to be different


What theme is present in the book?


Being different is okay


Would you recommend this book?




What age group is this book meant for?


4-8 years old

Benji The Squirrel Who Lost His Tail Book

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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