Carmelized Almonds Squirrel Brand Where It Is Available

Carmelized AlmondsCarmelized Almonds Squirrel Brand Where It Is Available

Caramelized almonds are one of the most delicious treats around, but not many people know what this delicious snack is. We’ll take a look at the ingredients and nutritional info and discuss where to buy it. Let’s get started! Here are some things you need to know about squirrel brand caramelized almonds. These delicious nuts are layered with caramelized sugar and topped with a layer of creme.

Caramelized almonds squirrel brand

Whether you love nuts or are a nut-lover yourself, you will definitely want to try Carmelized Almonds. Unlike most other varieties, this delicious treat is made with real almonds from California. The caramel coating on them adds an extra layer of sweetness. You can try them in recipes, too. You may even be able to find Carmelized Almonds squirrel brand near you.


A handful of carmelized almonds contains 240 calories. The caramelized sugar layers are layered over sweet creme almonds. However, you can burn off this amount of calories by walking for 52 minutes, jogging for twenty-four minutes, or hiking for forty minutes. The burn off time depends on the amount of physical activity you engage in and your body weight. The following table shows the amount of calories burned from a single serving of squirrel brand almonds.

Nutritional information

Squirrel brand almonds contain 240 calories per serving. A serving of this sweet creme almond is equivalent to approximately one-third of a cup of coffee. You can burn off that amount of calories by taking a brisk walk for 52 minutes or jogging for twenty-four minutes. The actual burn off time depends on the person’s height, weight, and level of physical activity.

Where to buy

Caramelized Almonds are a treat that many people love. It has a caramel color and acts as an anticaking agent. Almonds are a common ingredient, and they also contain a blend of butter, maltodextrin, corn syrup, and propylene glycol. Other ingredients include soybean, corn, and tree nuts. Where to buy carmelized Almonds squirrel brand?

What is the name of the company that produces Carmelized Almonds?

Squirrel Brand

What type of food are Carmelized Almonds?

They are a type of nut.

Where can I purchase Carmelized Almonds?

They are available at many retailers including grocery stores department stores and online.

How much do Carmelized Almonds cost?

Squirrel Brand Carmelized Almonds typically cost around $8 per ounce.

What are the ingredients in Carmelized Almonds?

The ingredients are almonds sugar butter cream and salt.

What is the nutritional information for Carmelized Almonds?

One ounce of Carmelized Almonds contains 140 calories 11 grams of fat 7 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein.

Are Carmelized Almonds a healthy snack?

While Carmelized Almonds are not necessarily a “healthy” snack they are a relatively nutritious option when compared to other snacks such as chips or candy.

How should I store Carmelized Almonds?

Carmelized Almonds should be stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container.

How long do Carmelized Almonds last?

When stored properly Carmelized Almonds will last for several months.

What are some other products that Squirrel Brand offers?

Squirrel Brand also produces a variety of other nuts and seeds as well as snack mixes and trail mixes.

Where is Squirrel Brand headquartered?

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles California.

Does Squirrel Brand offer any coupons or discounts?

Yes Squirrel Brand offers coupons and discounts on their website and through various retailers.

How can I contact Squirrel Brand?

You can contact Squirrel Brand by phone at 1-800-532-4267 or by email at [email protected]


What is the return policy for Squirrel Brand products?

The return policy for Squirrel Brand products varies by retailer.

How can I find a Squirrel Brand retailer near me?

You can find a Squirrel Brand retailer near you by using the store locator on their website.

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