How Do Squirrels Know When Another Squirrel Dies?do-squirrels-know-when-another-squirrel-dies

How do squirrels know when another squirrel dies? Several theories have been put forward to explain this behavior. One theory is that they sense when another squirrel dies and look for a peaceful place to die. They also tend to stay close to their nests during the last few days before they die. However, it is unlikely that a squirrel could detect another squirrel’s death without human intervention. It is also unlikely that a squirrel would survive a fall from a tree.

Squirrels are territorial

Squirrels mate twice a year, usually in late Winter or early Spring. The timing of the breeding season depends on climate and location. During the “mating chase”, you can watch the squirrels perform their tricks. They also groom each other and play around. While babies are rarely visible, the parents of these baby squirrels know when another squirrel dies.

They eat their own kind

Squirrels do not just eat the offspring of other animals, but they are also notorious for eating baby birds and rabbits. When another squirrel dies, they eat the rest of the babies, which is known as infanticide. This is not uncommon in the animal kingdom – lions are known for killing all their young when they take over a pride. Despite these acts of infanticide, most people do not think of squirrels as killers and instead think of them as pets or pests.

They hide food

Red squirrels use their sense of smell to remember where they buried their last meal. They dig a shallow midden or pit to store the food in cones and cover the supplies with other debris. This practice is known as ‘larder hoarding’ and is a common method of storage for these rodents. This practice has also been observed in chimpanzees, elephants, and magpies.

They can survive a fall

Squirrels have been known to eat the corpse of other squirrels, including their ancestors. Roadkill squirrels are often eaten by other squirrels in the area. Some squirrels will bury their own dead, but many prefer to eat other animals that have died in their area. The body of a deceased squirrel can also be useful as insulation for the nest. Although squirrels are omnivores, they do not mind handling the dead bodies of their ancestors.

They can escape dogs and cats

One of the most common questions about squirrels is: Do they know when another squirrel dies? If so, do they notice when a dead one falls from the tree? If a dead squirrel falls from a tree, it can escape a cat or dog because it can fall through a branch. Squirrels’ incisor teeth grind food, so their large, sharp teeth are essential to survival. Their tails are extremely flexible, and they can pivot sharply. They are also known for their high-pitched distress call.

They stop to eat on busy roads

The question of why squirrels stop to eat on a busy road is a complex one. They have evolved to survive in a world that is not very safe, and their instinctive behavior has become fatal in this context. While there is no clear evidence that a squirrel intentionally stops to eat on a busy road, it’s easy to assume they do it on purpose. One way to determine whether a squirrel is intentionally dangerous is to watch for a dead animal on a busy road.

They can survive heart attacks

Squirrels are among the few mammals known to survive a heart attack. Their anatomy and vascular system are similar to those of rats. This makes them relatively resistant to ischemia. This characteristic is particularly important for ground squirrels. Ground squirrels undergo a similar process to rats and humans, including the formation of contraction bands. While a squirrel may appear to have a heart attack, the process is actually quite different.

Do Squirrels Know When Another Squirrel Dies?


How does a squirrel know when another squirrel has died?

Answer: By their behavior and reaction to the body it is evident that squirrels are aware when one of their own has died.


What do squirrels do when they find a dead body?

Answer: They will investigate the body often sniffing and prodding it.

Sometimes they will even try to bury it.


How do we know that squirrels know when another squirrel has died?

Answer: Studies have shown that when a squirrel finds a dead body their behavior changes.

They become more cautious and alert and their activity levels drop.


What does this change in behavior tell us about squirrels?

Answer: This change in behavior suggests that squirrels are aware of death and the finality it brings.


How does this awareness of death compare to our own?

Answer: Squirrels’ awareness of death is similar to our own in that they both seek to understand it and mourn those who have died.


What does this tell us about the cognitive abilities of squirrels?

Answer: Squirrels have cognitive abilities that allow them to understand death and react accordingly.


How does this understanding of death impact a squirrel’s life?

Answer: This understanding of death likely leads to squirrels living more cautiously and being more aware of their surroundings.


What other animals have been shown to have this same understanding of death?

Answer: Studies have shown that many animals including chimpanzees and elephants understand death in a similar way to humans.


What does this tell us about the animal kingdom as a whole?

Answer: This suggests that the ability to understand death is widespread in the animal kingdom and is not limited to humans.


How does this understanding of death impact the way we view animals?

Answer: This understanding of death shows that animals are more complex than we often give them credit for and that they should be respected accordingly.

Do Squirrels Know When Another Squirrel Dies

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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