While squirrels have a proportionate small brain as a result of their size and being a mammal, size is a great determinant of their activities.

With their considerable low thinking levels, they are however not to be termed as not smart wild animals in any way possible, and they can be handled, trained, just like you do train your other pets. In case of having difficulties or problems with handling squirrels, squirrel removal services can be employed.

As part of exhibiting their characteristics of being mammal and wild animals, they are known to have great and superior cognitive skills, coupled with their unparalleled memory which is designed majorly for their size. This makes it easy and able to tag them as being part of the Rodentia order, but just as a different species bred.

Do squirrels remember humans

Squirrels have been shown to possess the ability to be from a species of smart animals which found a great way to adapt well to people’s lives. They have shown the properties of being incredibly smart animals with outstanding memories.

However, depending on the close proximity between humans and baby squirrels that is a determinant of them being able to remember humans. There have been so many cases of these smart creatures recalling humans.

To dive into squirrels’ ability to remember humans, have you ever tried feeding baby squirrels? Especially when you do well by giving these beautiful creatures some nice treats, you will for sure be amazed that these beautiful things will find it very difficult to forget who you are. And most especially, not totally.

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According to a local wildlife center,  a verified and recent study in the U.S., and summarized by the Havard Gazette, it was realized that squirrels have outstanding memory recall which spans over how they are able to cover up nuts and remember the places they hid the nuts. Even though in some cases, the nut might later turn into a full-grown tree or shrub. It was also being gathered in this research that these animals have a great chance of remembering and having knowledge about persons that have fed them food in the past, so interesting.

The science of their developed or advancing memory can however be associated with most activities performed by them during the day mostly, which do include their physical activities like working and foraging which is done also in some parts of the night and in few cases. Their physical activities are however a factor of their developed memory.

Also, a pet squirrel or orphaned squirrels are always excited to be taken and cared for and will always come back to meet their foster parents this shows the squirrel memory power, how do they remember their foster parents? These creatures are just wonderful and grateful animals

In some academic research done by somebody, it was gathered that even wild squirrels have the ability to remember that some persons can be both healthy and also a reliable source of food. With these squirrels having great and brilliant memories, they have the ability to multi-task and perform complex tasks also which may include navigating mazes and also working a set of levers.

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One of the ways human beings test squirrels for viability includes hiding nuts under a set of cups. This squirrels test was formerly conducted to show that grey squirrels have the ability to remember and identify places they buried nuts by memory and not really via smell this shows how good the squirrel memory is. However, reinstating the fact that human being that has a very close connection with squirrels will always be remembered by these animals and their memory is very much advanced but also fit for their size structure, squirrels locate anywhere they have been before than other animals.

Numerous research has been done but a kingpin principle is noted from the following procedure-

  • A set of cups is placed in a row and supplied to a squirrel all of which were left empty a few hours later except for only one that bears the nuts.
  • Immediately the squirrel discovers the position of the cup containing the nut, the cup is changed to another position with another empty cup replacing it.
  • The nuts are also relocated to a nearby cup even though the cup is now empty. The Squirrel will always return to the place it remembers to have found the nuts.

Also as the squirrels move about its everyday routine, looking for food, avoiding being preyed upon, and also attempting to mate,  it finds themselves ready to remember some things as it is known to have a lot running through its life. However, if you can convincingly get the squirrel to understand that you are no threat and not a predator, but rather a source of food, then they are ready to be connected to you and become pet squirrel.

It is always fun hanging out with pet squirrels, holding their nuts in your hand, and making them eat from your hand. You can work around this and the creatures get used to you.

However using elements of force, like taking their babies away from their nest to raise as a pet. They do remember that as an havoc made on them and always attack those they made them have a bad memory. The only way and the most advisable way a baby Squirrel is treated is when it is orphaned obviously.

A better way of working out owning a Squirrel also involves putting out a squirrel feeder in your backyard. You can place the feeder close to the deck, picnic table, or any other spot that can allow you to sit comfortably. You can also dedicate a week to the Squirrels to find the feeders, taste the food, and know that they now have a spot for a consistent food supply.

Always load the feeder with peanuts and also keep close proximity. The Squirrels will however adapt to the fact that it is good and safe to feed when you are sitting.

Also putting peanuts in a pile that is just some feet away from you will make the squirrels understand that eating from a distance from you is safe. Then they start moving closer to you, till they are always by your side.

Do Squirrels Remember Humans?

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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