Is the Doctor Who Clockwork Squirrel Dead Or Alive?doctor-who-clockwork-squirrel

Is the Doctor Who clockwork squirrel dead or alive? In a new documentary, we look at this recurring Doctor Who character and his downplayed tropes. I’ll also discuss the origin of this character’s appearance on screen. We’ll start with a historical context. Squirrels, of course, were once one of the most common species on Earth. Moreover, the character’s appearance was influenced by the fact that the world was inhabited by squirrels.

Our Hero Is Dead: Doctor Who’s clockwork squirrel

If you’ve ever loved the Doctor Who series, you know the witty and sarcastic clockwork squirrel from Our Hero Is Dead. While most people hate this character, there are still plenty of ways you can like him. The clockwork squirrel, Lucie Miller, can download the personality of previous Tardis travellers. He can even save the Doctor when he’s in trouble.

The clockwork squirrel is a key element of the episode, and its resemblance to a classic Doctor Who radio set makes it a perfect choice for the TARDIS. It’s a fantastic, witty, and fun episode of the show. The deaf lip reader in the TARDIS helps her figure out ghosts’ whispered mantras, but she can also read lips.

The Doctor and Clara leave the TARDIS. The Doctor explains that the list of people who must die was made up and that the order of deaths was fiction. He placed Clara’s name second so he could motivate Cass to act. He also kept the dead Lunn off the list since he was immune to ghosts. Clara then asks how he knew what to say in the hologram and he explains the bootstrap paradox.

The Ghosts of Under the Lake

In “Doctor Who clockwork squirrel and The Ghosts of the Under the Lake,” the Doctor and Clara remain stranded for two weeks in an underground location. The Doctor’s “Mysterious Girl” is driving him crazy, and she has lost her sunglasses and dignity. When Clara sees the Doctor’s ghost outside the airlock, Pritchard freaks out. Turns out, he’s just a base for an oil.

The base is flooded, but the computer has malfunctioned from the ghosts’ tampering. The Doctor and Clara try to hide in the Faraday cage and trap the ghosts. They also attempt to save the Doctor’s crew, but their TARDIS is unable to save them due to the ghosts’ proximity. The Doctor is hopeful, however, and when he finally arrives, he sees the ghost through a window.

Despite being stranded, the Doctor and Clara must overcome their fears. A strange creature has enslaved their spirits and they’ll need help to get rid of it. It turns out, though, that their efforts are not in vain, and a deaf lip reader is also on board the TARDIS. This episode is the ninth installment of the Doctor Who series. The first episode, “Under the Lake,” aired on BBC One on 3 October 2015.

Nut-C and Company are a Downplayed Trope

A downplayed trope is one that is played to a lesser extent, in a way that is not as overt or overly obvious as the original trope. Likewise, a downplayed trope can be regarded as a subversion, though in this case, it’s merely Played for Laughs, not intentionally.

In this case, the Downplayed Trope is that the Doctor’s companions aren’t all competent. They are sometimes portrayed as well-intentioned, such as in the episode “Inheritance Cycle.” For example, the villain Sloan in this story was a bully and sold the village to man-eating mooks, but she did it out of love for her daughter. It’s hard to judge if a character is “good” in the face of his or her own self-interest, but we can say that the Monarch is the most competent villain of the series, and is respected by the Sovereign of the Guild.


Who is the current Doctor?


Jodie Whittaker


Who was the first Doctor?


William Hartnell


What is the name of the first episode of Doctor Who?


An Unearthly Child


What was the original name of the lead character of Doctor Who?


Doctor Foreman


How many Doctors have there been so far?




Who was the last Doctor before Jodie Whittaker?


Peter Capaldi


What was the last episode of Doctor Who before Jodie Whittaker became the Doctor?


Twice Upon a Time


In what year did Doctor Who first air?




How many seasons of Doctor Who have there been?




What was the name of the last serial of Doctor Who before it was put on hiatus in 1989?




In what year did Doctor Who return after its hiatus?




Who was the first actor to play the Doctor after the show returned?


Christopher Eccleston


How many episodes were in the first season of Doctor Who after it returned?




What was the name of the Christmas special that aired between the first and second seasons of the new Doctor Who?


The Christmas Invasion


Who wrote the first episode of Doctor Who?


Anthony Coburn

Doctor Who Clockwork Squirrel

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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