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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

In case you are planning to introduce a squirrel in your home, here are some tricks to fool the little furry creatures. First of all, if you try to catch a squirrel, it will most likely lash out and run away. This is why you must consult a specialist before trying to capture it. In addition to the above-mentioned tricks, you can also try using traps. But always remember: squirrels have poor decision-making skills, so they will probably try to flee if you corner them.

Repellents for squirrels

Repellents for squirrels come in different varieties. Some are effective and non-toxic, while others are completely useless. These products usually contain naphthalene, which is toxic for mammals and can cause serious harm to children and pets. Mothballs, for example, are widely used as repellents for squirrels. The bad news is that mothballs are toxic and harmful to humans. Hence, you should be aware of the potential risks before using them.

Some repellents work with ultrasonic sounds. Because of the heightened hearing of squirrels, these repellents can scare off the rodents. Ultrasonic sound devices are a better choice for this purpose. You can also buy eviction fluid, which can speed up the process of moving the squirrels from your home. But if you want to make sure that the product will work for your purpose, check out the customer reviews.

Tricks to fool squirrels into thinking they live in your home

Squirrels are often attracted to human homes for a variety of reasons. Not only do they offer shelter from predators and the elements, but they’re also likely close to a good source of food. To keep squirrels out of your home, look for possible entry points and seal them off. Then, use traps or call a professional pest control company.

If your property is near a tree, consider putting up a metal tree collar. Squirrels won’t enter a tree with a metal collar. Make sure the collar is large enough to wrap around the tree and is at least 6 feet off the ground. If this does not work, try burying a plastic fork or similar object on the ground.

Home remedies

Among the home remedies for keeping squirrels away, ground cinnamon and nutmeg are effective deterrents. Mix them in a shaker and spray around the attic, outbuilding, or indoor areas. These natural scents can quickly deter squirrels. You can also use a combination of cayenne pepper and petroleum jelly to spray foliage or stems. Then, the squirrels will stay away! And since squirrels are naturally attracted to the smell of these spices, they will be scared away and run away.

Another effective method is to place mothballs around the house, especially near plants. You can purchase mothballs in bulk and place them near the entryway to your attic. You must make sure to replace the mothballs after a few days. Another natural method is to use cleomes, also known as “Skunk flower.” This plant emits a smell similar to that of a skunk.


If you have a nesting squirrel in your attic, you may want to learn how to keep them in traps. Squirrels are notorious for causing significant damage to homes, and they can chew through the attic insulation to reach the interior. They can also chew through electrical wiring, and they often build attic nests to raise their litters. Squirrels are notoriously noisy, particularly at sunrise. They can also carry certain diseases, though they are not likely to bite or scratch. If you are experiencing these issues, you should immediately contact an expert trained in trapping squirrels in your area to take action.

One of the first steps to trapping squirrels is ensuring that your trap is placed on an even surface. This is important because squirrels may try to push the trap over in order to reach the bait. To prevent this, place weights or bricks inside the trap to deter the animal from attempting to tip it over. Make sure you remove any food sources that the squirrels may have gathered from your yard.

Distraction stations

If you have squirrels on your property, one of the best ways to prevent them is to use a distraction station. These stations will distract the squirrels by giving them something tasty to eat. You can use feed corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, or extra tomatoes. Adding a distraction station to your yard is especially useful when you have a garden, as it will keep the squirrels away from your produce. Putting some water or other tasty treats near the station will also discourage them from coming back.

Some talking dogs get distracted by squirrels, and they are unable to regain their focus. The talking dogs will be able to talk again, but the squirrels will be unable to listen. If your dog does talk, you may want to invest in a squirrel-proof station. These are highly effective methods to keep your dog from being distracted by squirrels. Moreover, they will stay focused while talking if they don’t get distracted by squirrels.

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