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What is the best way to deal with a dog that kills squirrels? There are a few options. You can hire a professional squirrel removal service, but it can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. While the costs may be high, professional squirrel removal services can reduce the dog’s prey drive. One of the best ways to deal with a dog that kills a squirrel is to train it in a low-distraction area. Then, move to a higher-distraction area as your dog becomes more adept.

West Siberian Laika

You may have heard about a West Siberian Laika dog who hunted down a squirrel and killed it. The dog is a breed of landrace dogs. Its long, thick coat is made of two types of hair: a dense undercoat and a stiff guard hair. This coat is a double type and the hair can vary from light to dark depending on the breed. The tail may also be long or short.

The dog has a medium-sized body with long, curled tail and pointed ears. It is a hunting dog that can hunt both small and large game. Its hunting ability is so strong that it can even train it to hunt birds. Unfortunately, the West Siberian Laika dog who killed the squirrel was not bred in the USA and has a long history of shooting small game. However, that does not mean that these dogs are completely incapable of hunting.

Border Collie

The first question that you might be asking is why your Border Collie killed the squirrel. The answer lies in the nature of dogs: they are hunters, not prey. Squirrels are prey to dogs, and they enjoy chasing them, but it’s a mistake to assume that a dog’s hunger has anything to do with his actions. A dog merely hunts because it finds them enjoyable to chase.

While they’re famous for herding sheep, this breed has great agility and stamina. The bark pointer, or barking dog, is not necessarily the right choice. A dog that isn’t trained to hunt squirrels may not be a good choice for the task. A dog that has no training to kill squirrels might not be a good choice for your household. This kind of dog may become aggressive, but the reward will be a squirrel-free yard.

Kemmer Stock Hybrid Dog

A Kemmer Stock Hybrid Dog is a hybrid breed developed by Robert Kemmer in Crossville, Tennessee. These dogs are renowned for their hunting abilities and are great for squirrel, raccoon, and fox hunts. This dog breed uses multiple senses to find its prey and is known for its courage, especially when pursuing dangerous game. While these dogs are generally friendly, they need to be trained well.

The dogs used for hunting are Kemmer Stocks and are part hunter, part guard dog, and part household pet. However, a recent case in the United States has revealed that a Kemmer Stock has killed a squirrel while guarding its territory. Though these dogs are easy to train, they may be difficult to housebreak if used as household pets. They require daily exercise and should be accompanied by another dog, like a cat.

Cajun Squirrel Dog

The Cajun Squirrel Dog is a breed of small and medium-sized dogs that was developed in Louisiana in the 1970s. These dogs are natural treeing dogs. These dogs are extremely intelligent and adapt well to their owners’ homes. They can live for twelve to fourteen years in good physical condition. They can also be trained to leave small animals alone, but this is not always possible. The Cajun Squirrel Dog can help prevent the loss of small animals.

The dog breed is a mix of hound and cur bloodlines. The most common crossbreeds are the Great Cajun Jack and the Kemmer Hybrid. They are used for hunting, sheep herding, and general farm work. They are highly trainable and intelligent, with a well-developed sense of smell. The breed is also known as the Mountain Cur, or Black Mouth Cur, which makes them excellent family pets.


What is the name of the dog who killed the squirrel?




How old was Simon when he killed the squirrel?


Simon was two years old when he killed the squirrel.


How did Simon kill the squirrel?


Simon killed the squirrel by biting it on the neck.


Where did Simon kill the squirrel?


Simon killed the squirrel in the backyard.


Was Simon on a leash when he killed the squirrel?


Simon was not on a leash when he killed the squirrel.


Who witnessed Simon killing the squirrel?


Simon’s owner witnessed him killing the squirrel.


What did Simon’s owner do when Simon killed the squirrel?


Simon’s owner called the police.


Why did Simon’s owner call the police?


Simon’s owner called the police because Simon killed a squirrel and she was worried he would kill other animals.


What did the police do when they arrived?


The police took a report and asked Simon’s owner some questions.


Did the police take Simon away?


No the police did not take Simon away.


Is it legal to kill a squirrel in Simon’s owner’s state?


I’m not sure.


Will Simon’s owner be charged with anything?


I’m not sure.


What will happen to Simon?


I’m not sure.


What will happen to the squirrel’s body?


I’m not sure.


Have you ever killed a squirrel?


I have not killed a squirrel.

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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