foamy the squirrel episode where germaine’s ass gets eaten

Foamy the Squirrel Episode Where Germaine’s Ass Gets Eaten foamy the squirrel episode where germaines ass gets eaten

The Foamy the Squirrel episode where Germaine’s ass gets eaten is one of the most hilarious in the series. It shows how the characters develop and how we come to know them. Germaine starts out as a stereotypical jaded goth chick who has sexual fantasies, but denies having them. She hates men treating her like garbage and tries to gain weight to make herself less attractive.


In Foamy the Squirrel, the ass is bitten off Germaine’s ass in the season two premiere of “Point Of It All”. In this prequel episode, Germaine calls Foamy out for not paying rent. This turns out to be her own fault because her efforts to make herself unattractive made her look more attractive. It’s then that she finds herself in a fetish she’d never had before. In fact, she even shares her fetish with Foamy.


In a pre-reboot episode, Germaine calls Foamy a lazy whore and says, “My ass is getting eaten!” This annoys Foamy so much that he creates a rant video for his fans titled, “Germaine for Stupids!”

Breast reduction surgery

The term “breast reduction” comes from the infamous episode of Foamy the Squirrel where he claims to be 700 years old and eats Germaine’s ass. The episode is also notable for the appearance of a mysterious Indian man called “Pillz-E”, who talks at an alarmingly fast pace. In addition to his age, Foamy also claims to be bisexual. The show also makes reference to Foamy’s gender, since he averts the No Bisexual trope by saying that he was only 400 years old.


‘Subversion’ is a term that refers to a character’s behavior and actions that are not in line with his or her natural personality. Foamy, who is a member of the “Squirrel Club,” declares himself the “Lord and Master” of the gang. He expects praise for his logic, but ends up being a pesky, annoying, and spoiled brat who badgers the Germaine family for food.

Germaine’s delusions

One of the most memorable scenes in the series takes place during Germaine’s rage episode, in which Germaine kills a human named Anchovie for not contributing to her rent. The episode also depicts Germaine’s crush on Foamy, who has an almost religious obsession with Foamy. The cartoon also features the emergence of a new fetish, which Germaine shares with Foamy.


In the episode “Tech Support IV”, Germaine and her friend Foamy are discussing how to solve a puzzle, and Mutie offers to help them. Foamy has always been a fan of X, but his obsession with Germaine has gone too far. He once stabbed a pizza guy in the penis with a pencil and threatened to burn the man’s balls with the flames. In the reboot, Foamy is still Germaine’s pet, even though he’s grown up and now works for a suicide hotline.


The Foamy the squirrel episode where germaine has his ass eaten is one of my all-time favorite episodes of cartoons. It’s funny to me because I don’t understand why this squirrel can’t be more like the rest of the squirrels. Foamy and Germaine make it look like they are insane, but in reality, they just need to learn to be more self-restrained.

Holiday specials

I love Foamy the Squirrel and Holiday specials. It’s an odd pairing for a cartoon, but I can’t really say I’ve ever seen a more charming and amusing squirrel. This podcast is a fun way to spend an hour in bed, and it’s a perfect way to kick off the holidays! Unlike most animated cartoons, Foamy is also hilarious!

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