Fun Games Where You Are a Squirrel

In this game where you play the role of a squirrel, you run around a forest on a figure-eight track to collect pine cones. Each space on the track grants you one, two, or three pine cones. You can earn free pine cones if you collect a certain number of pinecones. A special die makes you lose your moves if you collect less than a certain number of pinecones.

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

This color-matching, fast-action game will get your children moving! Acorn cards help the squirrels get food and hide from other squirrels, while the acorns they collect become hidden treasure. Whether your child is an expert or a beginner, they will love this game! Sneaky, Snacky squirrel game includes an acorn-matching activity sheet, acorn-matching acorn cards, and acorn-matching activities for the whole family!

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game is ideal for family games night. Players take turns spinning a spinner to pick up acorns and place them in the corresponding holes on the logs. They may also choose to be the Sneaky Squirrel, which allows them to steal any coloured acorn from the next player! But beware! If your Sneaky Squirrel falls, you forfeit your turn and the Squirrel Storm will blow all the acorns back into the tree.


The newest adventure game, Nuts, has a stylish art style and a great level of tactility. Players control a camera and can manipulate it in all sorts of ways to capture footage of squirrels. Nuts centers around a gameplay loop where you must follow the squirrels to find their food. Players will need to solve puzzles and complete tasks to advance. This is an excellent game for anyone who loves watching squirrels and wants to know how they get there.

While there’s nothing particularly innovative about the gameplay in Nuts, the game has some great visuals. Joon Tallinn, the game’s designer, came up with the core mechanic during a game jam in Reykjavik, Iceland. He then enlisted the help of digital forester Pol, narrative designer Char, and foley artist Muuutsch to help him develop the game’s world. Despite the game’s small size, Noodlecake Studios has released a couple of games, including the highly popular Super Stickman Golf. The studio has since expanded into publishing as well.

Squirrel Squeezers

A family favorite, Squirrel Squeezers is a fun game where you play as a squirrel. The objective is to collect as many acorns as possible before winter arrives. Each turn, spin a spinner to determine which colored acorns you can pick up and place into the corresponding holes on a log. When you get an acorn of the wrong color, a squirrel on the board will forfeit a turn. And the last thing you want is to be caught by another squirrel!

The game is also great for toddlers. Several components are easy to understand, and it’s easy for them to learn them. Acorns, for example, have different colors and so do the plastic cups. The plastic cups look like tree trunks and contain 5 color-ringed holes. The game also includes a spinner and a squirrel squeezer that helps kids learn about the colors of acorns and how to use the acorns to collect them.

Conker vs the squirrels in It’s War

In the video game Conker vs. the squirrels in It’s War, you play as Conker, a drunken squirrel. After a night of drinking, he stumbles home, only to find himself in an unfamiliar field, where he can’t remember what happened the night before. Conker then sets out on a difficult journey home, despite his hangover.

This war is set in a war-themed world, with the SHC waging a war against the Tediz army. Conker wears a camouflage army helmet, reminiscent of the uniforms of American soldiers in World War II. His helmet has two chevrons, representing the corporal rank in the U.S. army. This helmet is much darker in the sequel, It’s War: Live and Reloaded, where the player has to fight the Tedi army.

Squirrel Basketball

The internet is awash with videos of a squirrel playing basketball. In a video posted on YouTube, a basketball player is playing with a basketball when a tiny squirrel walks on the court. As the basketball player moves his ball around, the squirrel follows and kicks it. As it approaches the ball, the squirrel tries to pass it to other players. The video has since gained 2.1k upvotes and 76 comments. Many netizens commended the squirrel’s skill, while others remembered Alvin and the chipmunks.

The video quickly went viral. Netizens on social media expressed their amusement by sharing the video. While some joked about drafting a squirrel for the NBA, others were worried about a possible injury to a squirrel playing basketball. Then again, there’s the funny video of a squirrel playing basketball. The video has since gained over 4,000 upvotes. It’s not just the squirrel playing basketball that has received attention; a dog in Ireland also managed to steal the ball from a T20 match.


How do you play the game?


Players use their mouse to aim and launch their squirrel character up and into the branches of the nearby trees.

The goal is to collect as many acorns as possible while avoiding obstacles.


What do you need to collects the acorns?


You will need to use your computer mouse to direct the squirrel up and into the trees.


What is the goal of the game?


The goal of the game is to collect as many acorns as possible.


How many acorns can you collect in one game?


There is no limit to how many acorns you can collect in one game.


What happens if you hit an obstacle?


If you hit an obstacle you will lose one of your lives.


How many lives do you have in the game?


You have three lives in the game.


What do the different colored acorns do?


The different colored acorns give you different points.


Is there a time limit to the game?


No there is no time limit to the game.


Can you pause the game?


Yes you can pause the game by pressing the space bar.


How do you know what level you are on?


The level is displayed on the bottom left corner of the game screen.


How do you advance to the next level?


You advance to the next level by collecting the required number of acorns.


What is the maximum number oflevel?


There are a total of 20 levels in the game.


Do the levels get harder as you progress?


Yes the levels do get harder as you progress.


What is the difference between the easy medium and hard difficulty settings?


The easy difficulty setting gives you more lives and the game moves more slowly.

The medium difficulty setting gives you fewer lives and the game moves at a medium speed.

The hard difficulty setting gives you even fewer lives and the game moves more quickly.


How do you win the game?


You win the game by completing all 20 levels.

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