Haveaheart Squirrel Trap Won’t Spring When Squirrel Steps On Trigger Bar

HaveaHeart Squirrel Trap Won’t Spring When Squirrel Steps on Trigger BarHaveaheart Squirrel Trap Won’t Spring When Squirrel Steps On Trigger Bar

If your squirrel is resistant to trapping devices, you might consider purchasing a rat trap instead. But rat traps have a spring control door, sensitive trigger, and sharp edges. So, they won’t work for catching squirrels. And you have to be careful while setting up rat traps – they may not spring when the squirrel steps on the trigger bar.

Review of haveaheart squirrel trap

In our review of the Haveaheart squirrel trap, we’ve mentioned that this product works well, but some users were not satisfied with the product’s size or quality. We also heard about reports of defective or inefficient traps. We’ve also received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. Still, some users noted that the trap was too shallow. Those people may want to consider other models or try using other bait.

The most significant feature of this trap is its patented design and sensitivity. It has smaller mesh openings so that the bait does not escape. Also, the trigger is very sensitive, preventing undesired catches. Our review also cited a solid door and a handle guard that protects the user during transportation. The internal edges are rounded so that the animals will not get hurt.


One of the problems with conventional traps is that the spring-loaded capacity of the Haveaheart squirrel traps doesn’t spring when the first trapped rodent steps on the trigger bar. To avoid this problem, use the squirrel trap with a multi-catch bait. The bait is placed near the door that is closed and the trap works when the rodent steps on the trigger plate. If the trap is placed near a closed door, the squirrel will step on the trigger plate, and the trap will catch it.

The trap is ready to use, with smaller openings to keep bait inside. Its patented design features a gravity action door and sensitive trigger to prevent undesired catches. The trap’s solid door and handle guard protect you while transporting it. Smooth interior edges help prevent any possible injuries to the animal. The trap also includes a trigger rod that is located outside.


The Haveaheart safety squirrel trap is one of the safest squirrel catches available today. This product has a trigger bar that is easily reached by the squirrel and is activated by the squirrel stepping on the trigger bar. The trigger bar should be coated with peanut butter to make it more difficult for the squirrel to step on it and activate the trap. Although squirrels are a tasty treat, they can be infested with parasites, including fleas and lice. Always use gloves, especially disposable latex, to avoid contact with bodily fluids and parasites.

The trap is made from rust-resistant material and is sturdy enough to be used anywhere. Its patented design and two-lever arming system ensure its safety even in the most extreme weather conditions. The squirrel trap also features a sensitive trigger that will automatically release the mouse if the squirrel steps on the trigger bar. It is important to use the trap properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


A HaveaHeart squirrel trap will not spring when the critter steps on the trigger bar. However, you can avoid this fatality by following some simple instructions. Place peanuts in the middle of the trigger plate so that the critter will walk right through it, and place the trap over a small pan of water. The squirrel will then fall down the PVC pipe and drown. The dead squirrel will then be easily scooped out by someone.

Unlike most other traps, the Trigger Bar is located outside the cage. If the animal steps on it, the trap will spring. In order to use this trap properly, the trigger should be positioned about 100 feet from the animal. Aside from this, the price of the HaveaHeart squirrel trap will not spring when the animal steps on the trigger bar.

Where to buy

You can purchase a two-door live squirrel trap with or without an optional sink. The sink lulls the squirrel into a complacent state and then allows you to remove it. These traps work best when left out for a few days. To make them effective, you must first bait them with peanuts. Then, wait for the squirrel to gain trust and come close to the trap.

The bait should be coated on the trigger bar, and you should place the bait on the hanging bar. When baiting your trap, you should place a small piece of peanut butter on the hanging bar. After baiting the trap, be sure to use disposable latex gloves to protect yourself from any bodily fluids and parasites. If you do get a squirrel trapped, be sure to wash your hands afterward to avoid any possible transmission of disease to humans or pets.

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