A newborn squirrel has no fur and is pink. It has closed eyes, joined fingers, and a curled tail. At this age, it is about the size of a woman’s thumb. By five days, it will have developed teeth, and hair will begin to grow on its tail and lower legs. It is also white and has no tail. It will have black eyes and ears at this time. This is a sign that it is nearly independent.

Infant Squirrels Look

Once born, a baby squirrel looks just like a squirrel and will remain with its mother for several weeks. The female will stay close to her baby for several weeks, even though it will eventually leave the nest. The female will begin to separate from her baby. It could take up to six months for the female to fully separate from its young male. The female will chew anything to keep her teeth short. Until this time, a newborn squirrel will stay with her parents.

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At eight weeks, a baby squirrel looks like a squirrel, although it is still completely hairless. It uses its sharp claws for climbing and hanging upside down. By week 10 of life, the baby has fully grown teeth and a full tail. It will look exactly like a squirrel by this time. The first adult rat, or fox, will eat and drink from a feeder, so it’s best to feed the critter as early as possible.

The age of a newborn squirrel is not important. It will grow to adulthood within a few months. The younger it is, the smaller it will be. The older a squirrel is, the slower its development becomes. During this time, the baby will not be able to climb or hang upside down, but will learn how to hunt for food, and survive on its own. A baby squirrel is not a threat to humans, and it’s very easy to find a nest where it’s safe.

Its ears will open between three and six weeks. If they’re open, it’s older than six weeks. However, it may not be as easy to determine its age when it’s still hairless. A newborn squirrel should have hair by the end of the third week. The white fur on the tail will be about 2 mm long by the fourth week. By six weeks, it should have fur all over its underside.

At eight weeks, the newborn squirrel looks just like a normal squirrel. It is very active and has sharp claws that it uses to hang upside down. At ten weeks, it has a full-grown tail and teeth. It is around seven to eight inches long and has a bushy tail. A kitten’s size is a good indicator of its age. If it is born in winter, it will be around four months old.

When a newborn squirrel is about a month old, its skin is pink and has no teeth. At this stage, it is grey and has no teeth. By the time it is four weeks old, it will have a full-grown tail and incisors. It will have a full-grown tail and teeth by then. It is hard to tell how big a newborn squirrel is if it is still missing its ears.

At the age of eight weeks, a baby squirrel is similar to an adult squirrel. At this age, it is more active and will use its sharp claws to climb and hang upside down. By 10 weeks, the tail will be fully developed and the teeth will be fully developed. By the time it is five weeks old, it is about half the size of an adult. This is a great time to begin observing the growth and development of a newborn squirrel.

By the time the baby squirrel reaches eight weeks, it looks like a squirrel and is fully self-sufficient. By the time it is twelve weeks old, it is ready to take care of itself. A newborn squirrel can be a great pet for children. If you love squirrels, you can adopt one or more. You can make a wonderful new friend for your family or a loved one. You’ll never go wrong with a baby squirrel!


Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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