How Big Is Squirrel Lake?How Big Is Squirrel Lake Minocqua Wi

How big is Squirrel Lake? Located in Oneida and Vilas counties in Wisconsin, this lake consists of 1,309 acres of water. Its maximum depth is 46 feet, and several species of fish call it home. You can enjoy fishing on Squirrel Lake via a public boat launch, which is easily accessible to residents and tourists alike. This lake was once home to a writer named Winifred Dunn, who spent much of her time on an island located on the lake.

1,309 acres

Squirrel Lake, Wisconsin is a 1,309 acre public lake located 38 minutes south of Minocqua. The waters are moderately clear. Listings on Squirrel Lake include lake homes and lots for sale. The lake offers recreational opportunities for families, with fishing, boating, and other lake activities available. If you’re interested in pursuing a lakefront property on Squirrel Lake, contact Patrick Schey, a local Realtor.

Oneida County is home to Squirrel Lake. This lake features 46 feet of maximum depth, and several species of fish live in the lake. Public boat launches are available to allow people to enjoy the lake and its surroundings. Residents can also enjoy the natural beauty of the lake by fishing from the shore. HTL Address Research has extensive Wisconsin address research available, including home values, income, and percentage of homes owned and rented.

Inkpot Lake is a small lake

Located in the heart of Squirrel Park, Inkpot is a small lake with a lot to offer. This secluded lake features larch and tamarack trees that stain the water a rich, dark brown. The spongy bank is filled with lily pads and is home to painted turtles, frogs, muskrats, and heron. The lake has a public boat landing.

Franklin Lake is a pan-fishing lake

If you enjoy fishing, Franklin is a great place to try your hand at this sport. This 1,336-acre lake is located in Forest County and is a moderately fertile body of water with a maximum depth of 46 feet. It is accessible by boat and has boat landings. However, the lake is not very clear. Regardless of its size, you’re sure to find some fish to snag.

The east side of Franklin Lake is owned by the U.S. Forest Service, which has been working on improving the lake’s ecosystem to attract more fish. The service planted 100 trees and fish sticks at 46 locations in 2009. They have also constructed walleye spawning reefs on the lake in 2008, 2017 and 2018. The water level has also risen a few feet since 2011.

Suicks are preferred jerk baits on Squirrel Lake

When it comes to catching muskies on Squirrel Lake, there are two main types of jerkbaits that are most effective. The first type, the diver, dives when the line is pulled, while the second type, the glider, darts and suspends between pulls. Both types of jerkbaits are effective in catching muskies and walleye.

Each style has its benefits. Traditional jerkbaits were made from wood, and their action was dependent on the density of the wood used. Nowadays, most jerkbaits are solid plastic, resulting in consistent action. Even though wooden baits are less durable than solid plastic jerkbaits, they can still produce an irresistible action for muskies.

Boating on Squirrel Lake

Squirrel Lake, MInocqua, Wisconsin is home to many water sports, including fishing. This 1309-acre lake boasts fish like walleye, small and largemouth bass, panfish, and muskie. Visitors can enjoy fishing in this scenic lake while enjoying a relaxed pace of life. You can rent a boat, rent a jet ski, or rent a kayak to enjoy a day on the lake.

For those looking for a more relaxing vacation, Squirrel Lake is a great choice. It is located about 20 minutes from Minocqua and offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. With pristine lake waters and mature trees, this area offers the perfect lake experience. Many visitors find living on this beautiful lake to be the life of their dreams. You’ll feel as if you’re living the good life on Squirrel Lake, and you’ll find it easy to see why.

Fishing on Squirrel Lake

If you love fishing, you should consider spending some time on Squirrel Lake, a 1,309-acre lake that lies in Oneida and Vilas County, Wisconsin. Its depth reaches 46 feet, and several species of fish reside in its waters. A public boat launch offers easy access to this lake. A former writer spent time on a secluded island on Squirrel Lake, and Dunn penned her famous novel, “The Island of Squirrel Lake.”

If you love outdoor activities, you’ll love the town of Minocqua. This lakeside town is home to a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and boating. You can spend the whole day relaxing on the lake or enjoying a morning cup of coffee by the wood-burning stove. There’s also a community park, called Minocqua Winter Park, on the edge of town.


How big is Squirrel Lake in Minocqua WI?


483 acres


What is the maximum depth of Squirrel Lake?


30 feet


When was the dam built on Squirrel Lake?




How many public access points are there to Squirrel Lake?




How many boat launches are there on Squirrel Lake?




What types of fish are in Squirrel Lake?


Panfish Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Northern Pike Walleye


Is there a swimming beach on Squirrel Lake?




Are there any islands on Squirrel Lake?




What is the shoreline length of Squirrel Lake?


8 miles


What is the average depth of Squirrel Lake?


10 feet


What is the water clarity of Squirrel Lake?



5 feet


What is the water temperature of Squirrel Lake in the summer?


80 degrees


What is the water temperature of Squirrel Lake in the winter?


32 degrees


When is the ice out date for Squirrel Lake?


Late April


What is the elevation of Squirrel Lake?


1455 feet

How Big Is Squirrel Lake Minocqua Wi

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