How Did Squirrel Get in Cistern and Die?

The story of the purple squirrel was first reported by Accuweather and has since gone viral on Facebook, with 4,449 likes. The Pittsburgh Zoo curator has two theories about what happened to the squirrel. One is that it may have come into contact with a blue-colored patch of pokeberry plants. Another theory is that the squirrel fell into a portable toilet. Both theories are possible, according to Krish Pillai, a professor at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania.

Scrat was a saber-tooth squirrel

The original story told in the Ice Age series begins with a saber-toothed squirrel named “Scrat.” In the cistern, the squirrel had a brush with a tiger and fell in, killing the tiger. But Scrat’s bravery saved other animals, including humans, from death. In this episode, he meets his old friend Sid, who is accompanied by a mammoth named Manny, who is carrying baby Roshan. The three animals talk to Scrat and try to give him directions.

Scrat was the first to get stuck in a cistern, but then he climbed out. He found a small island and went there to rest. He saw a dead saber-tooth squirrel, which made him fearful. Scrat followed the saber-tooth squirrel’s arm and found an acorn.

He ate meat

Gayle, a lifelong resident of Connecticut, recently decided to stop working part-time as a professional cat rescuer because she decided that the stress and human interaction was too much. When she was walking toward her house, she saw a squirrel sitting on a tree branch. Gayle picked it up and carried it inside. Afterward, she was shocked to see a small squirrel crawling behind her.

After spending hundreds of dollars and hours on a rescue operation, Gayle had a squirrel that remained in her home for over two months. She gave it nuts and salads and even made late-night syringe feedings. She also made daily trips to the laundromat to wash the dirty blankets. But what does a squirrel care about all this? The truth is, it probably did nothing.

He played tug-of-war with Sid

This fable about a squirrel that got trapped in a cistern while playing tug-of-war with his friend, Sid, has a harrowing ending. The squirrel was dragged down into the cistern, where he died. The two 17-year-old boys were later amputations. In 2007 a student reported hearing screams and blood flying everywhere at the scene. Fortunately, both boys were Christians, and the school had signs up that said, “Their hands are in God’s hands.” The same mishap led to a Minnesota girl losing four fingers in a similar tug-of-war match at a Leukemia fundraiser.

The rope, designed for heavy construction, snapped after a few days. In one Guinness World Record attempt, a boy scout team in Frankfurt, Germany, ripped a rope that wrapped around the man’s hand. The rope, “thumb-thick,” snapped during a 650-person match. But the physics of the game could have prevented many of these tragedies.

He got stuck in a cistern

A well-intentioned samaritan tried to free a trapped squirrel by smearing it with butter. Like a common sitcom joke, the squirrel stared into the distance with the butter. Animal rescue workers, including RSPCA rescue technician Bill Tanguay, eventually freed the hapless creature. Luckily, the animal only suffered minor abrasions.

The humane society in Greene County, Pennsylvania, learned of the dog’s death after a man contacted them about the noise he was hearing. The man, Matthew Burris, had spotted the animal’s constant barking and called the local humane society. The Greene County Humane Society was called to investigate and save the animal. The animal’s owner, who has lived in the house for 20 years, did not know that it had a cistern beneath the house.

He slid down a slide

A friend of mine was having a problem with her shower pump and called a local plumbing company. They sent a chap to check it out. It was motionless and dead. He soon noticed that there was no lid on the cold water tank in the loft. The plumbing company was no longer interested in the problem because of a possible health hazard. The plumber didn’t even know about disinfection!

He caught his acorn

A story tells of a squirrel named Scrat, who lived in a tree with his sister, Scratte. The pair was busy setting up some flowers when Scrat spotted an acorn on top of a cliff. Angry at being ignored by Scratte, Scrat decided to run after the acorn and find the hole it had fallen into. The squirrel fought with Scratte, but ultimately fell into the tar pit, releasing a bubble of tar which separated into two. The acorn stayed in one bubble, while Scrat was trapped inside the other.

Scrat chased the acorn and was caught in midair by Scratte. He swung his tail and caught hold of the acorn while falling down. The acorn slid from Scratte’s paws. It rolled into the cistern, where it dropped. Then, Scrat had to decide between saving himself or the acorn.


How did the squirrel get into the cistern?


It climbed in through an opening at the top.


How did the squirrel die?


It drowned.


How long can squirrels hold their breath?


Up to 6 minutes.


How much can squirrels weigh?


2-5 pounds.


What is the scientific name for squirrels?




What family do squirrels belong to?




What is the smallest type of squirrel?


The African pygmy squirrel.


What is the largest type of squirrel?


The Indian giant squirrel.


Where do squirrels live?


All over the world except for Antarctica Australia and certain islands.


What do squirrels eat?


Nuts seeds fruits buds bark and insects.


Do all squirrels hoard food?


No only some squirrels do.


How do squirrels hoard food?


They hide it in the ground or in trees.


Why do squirrels hoard food?


For winter when food is scarce.


How long do squirrels live?


6-10 years in the wild up to 20 years in captivity.


What are baby squirrels called?


Kittens cubs or pups.

How Did Squirrel Get In Cistern And Die

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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