How Do You Make A Squirrel Baffle For A 4×4 Post

How Do You Make a Squirrel Baffle For a Four-Foot-Square Post? how do you make a squirrel baffle for a 4x4 post

If you are having trouble preventing squirrels from stealing your bird feeder, it may be time to learn how to make a squirrel baffle for a four-foot-square post. There are several different methods you can use, including using a Stovepipe end cap or an Erva squirrel or raccoon baffle. This article will show you how to make a simple squirrel baffle in no time at all.

Stovepipe end cap

If you have an outdoor squirrel problem, you may have been wondering how to make a squirrel baffle for your 4×4 post. Fortunately, this task is fairly simple, and the materials required to make a squirrel baffle are readily available. The most basic materials required include a round duct cap, round metal pipe, and clamps. The exact measurements and types of clamps will depend on the pole’s diameter and height.

To install the baffle, start by screwing in three to four sheet metal screws. Next, you’ll need a hose clamp, and a hole saw and drill bit. The holes must be slightly smaller than the diameter of the pole. Once the holes are drilled, fit the stovepipe into the baffle, and secure it with the hose clamp. Now, you’re ready to install your new squirrel baffle.

Once the baffle is attached to the post, you’ll have a deterrent to keep the squirrels out. It can be fashioned to look like a cone or a long cylinder tube. The squirrel will be unable to climb the cylinder tube. Another type of squirrel baffle is shaped like a bowl. Once the squirrels reach the baffle, they will be unable to climb the post.

Erva squirrel baffle

If you’re looking to keep squirrels off of your bird feeder, you may want to install an Erva squirrel baffle to prevent them from climbing the pole. Bird droppings can damage the finish on cheap Chinese baffles, and they tend to lose their finish quickly. Erva baffles are made in the US from fully galvanized steel sheet – the leftover metal from the automotive industry. The product features a baked-on corrosion-resistant coating that’s easy to wipe clean.

A squirrel baffle is a circular structure designed to fit a standard wood 4×4 post. It measures 22-1/2 inches in diameter and is sized to fit a standard 4×4 post. To install it, just cut the tab, slide it into the correct slot, and snap it closed. Screw the baffle to the post using corrosion-resistant screws included in the package.

Installing a squirrel baffle is easy and effective. Install it at the top and bottom of the pole to cover all the available areas, preventing squirrels from accessing the bird feeder. When the squirrels arrive, they will defecate on the new baffle, marking it with their smell and leaving behind bacteria that can harm birds. When using the Erva squirrel baffle, make sure to clean it frequently, or you may end up with a clogged feeder.

Erva raccoon baffle

You can make an Erva raccoon baffle for your 4×4 post by purchasing a kit. It’s not expensive, but you want to be sure the product is sturdy. You should place the baffle far away from trees and fences, so the squirrel won’t be able to jump from one to the other. The weight of the baffle will deter the squirrel from moving it.

The first thing you’ll need is a steel pipe and some galvanized pipe. The stovepipe is available in black, but you can also use galvanized duct pipe instead. Choose one with a 6-inch diameter end cap to fit into the post. Then cut it to the correct length and diameter. Repeat these steps for each post. Once you have cut the pipe to size, attach a steel plate to the end of the rodent-proof pipe.

The stovepipe style squirrel stopper will provide a physical barrier around the post. It will prevent the raccoon from gaining access to bird feeders or houses. Installing the stovepipe baffle is easy and can be done without taking out the bird feeders or houses. You’ll also need screws and four tabs to install the baffle on your 4×4 post.

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