How Far Should I Zero My Scope For Squirrel Hunting

How Far Should I Zero My Scope For Squirrel Hunting? How Far Should I Zero My Scope For Squirrel Hunting

The answer to this question depends on how fast you shoot your airgun. For nutters, an 18-21y zero is ideal. Between 15 and 45 yards, you’ll hit within 1/2″ if you’re shooting dead on. Anything outside of that requires compensating. And if you’re shooting at a distant target, you’ll need to adjust your sight height and airgun speed to make the shot.

Variable powered scopes

One of the most important aspects of a squirrel hunting scope is the ability to see the animal clearly even in dim light. The best reviewed scopes feature anti-fog optics, which help you spot the prey clearly even in foggy, rainy weather. These scopes are often waterproof and fog-proof. The main function of a scope is to help you see the prey clearly and to enhance your shooting efficiency.

Most of the shots in squirrel hunting will take place at a distance of twenty to fifty yards. If the scope’s parallax is fixed at 50 yards, the squirrel will be barely out of focus. By contrast, if the parallax is fixed at four to fourteen yards, the image distortion will be noticeable. This will make it easier to see the squirrel and the rest of the prey. However, many hunters do not prefer these scopes and instead opt for fixed-powered scopes.

Fixed power scopes

For squirrel hunting, a fixed power scope is a great option. It is easy to use, and does not require you to fiddle with power dials or parallax adjustments. Optical quality is also great, especially for a fixed power scope. Leupold’s FX-3 is a great example. Despite its compact size and lightweight design, it provides exceptional optical quality. Read on to learn more about this versatile scope.

A 3-9×40 scope is sufficient for most squirrel hunters. Make sure that you have good quality glass and a wide range prallax adjustment. You can also use a 4x scope for the ultimate in convenience. When purchasing a scope, zero the lens to the maximum zoom you need. If the reticle is too complicated, you can try a 4x scope, but you may find it difficult to zero in at ninex.

Maximum Point Blank Range

In order to determine your rifle’s Maximum Point Blank Range, you must first determine the height of your sights and its speed. Then, set your zero accordingly. You should be able to hit your target in the “vital zone” of a squirrel or nutter within a few inches. While the vertical dimension is important to determine your range, it is irrelevant for this purpose. In other words, a bullet arcs upwards.

The Maximum Point Blank Range of your rifle is the distance the bullet can travel without dipping below or above the vital zone of a 2 inch squirrel head. You can determine this distance with a ballistics calculator by setting your zero at 20 yards and then determining the distance to which the bullet will drop once it reaches the target at 70 yards and beyond. This helps you adjust your zero point and minimize mental drop calculations.

Leupold scopes

There are many benefits to choosing Leupold scopes for squirrel hunting. The one-piece tube is lightweight, dependable, fog-proof, and waterproof. Depending on your hunting needs, you may want a different magnification range. You can also adjust the parallax setting to get the perfect distance from the target. The riflescope’s lightweight design makes it ideal for carrying on your belt or shoulder. You’ll also love its 3.6-inch eye relief. This riflescope also offers great durability and is pocket-friendly.

Besides being affordable, a Leupold riflescope for squirrel hunting can also give you a superior view. Its magnification range can go up to 4.5x and offers generous eye relief. The scope is designed and assembled in the U.S.A., so it’s easy to use. It also has a twilight light management system, which helps deliver great performance in low-light conditions. It reduces glare and enhances image brightness and color vibrance.

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