How Hard Is It To Hint Squirrel With A Bow

How Hard Is It To Hint A Squirrel With A Bow?How Hard Is It To Hint Squirrel With A Bow

If you’re wondering how difficult it is to hint squirrel with a bow, you may be surprised to know that it’s not as difficult as you think. There are several techniques that can help you catch this animal. These include still-hunting, using a stun-stick, and stalking. Once you’ve become close enough to shoot, you can try one of these methods to take it down.


The first step to successfully hunting a squirrel is to locate it. The ideal location is in old-growth hardwoods, where the undergrowth is sparse and mast-producing trees abound. Squirrels will usually be foraging near trees or in the undergrowth, so slipping through the woods silently can be advantageous. It also helps to slow down your pace, as prey animals can see movements.


For the best results when still-hunting squirrels with a bow, make sure that you are on a hardwood stand that has plenty of acorns hanging on it. This will help you stay as silent as possible, as squirrels can hide in almost any tree or log. Use your ears as well, as they can detect the slightest sound and may even chirp and rustle.

Using a stun-stick

A rabbit stick is a long, curved piece of wood that is one-half to two feet long. It’s shaped like an Australian boomerang, but it wasn’t designed to return after it was thrown. Hunters threw them at the animal, then used the stick as a club to kill it. While it doesn’t work as effectively as a stun gun, it’s still an effective tool for hunting small animals.

Getting close enough to shoot

Hunting squirrels is not as simple as just pointing your gun at one and pulling the trigger. You must plan your path, determine where you will rest your gun, and time your movements correctly. Hunting a squirrel in a suburban backyard or city park is not the same as stalking a big, nocturnal animal. Here are some tips for getting close enough to shoot squirrels in the wild. Using ground camouflage is important.

Using a tree stand

One of the best ways to get a squirrel is to use a tree stand. When a squirrel walks around a tree, he will often make a noise that resembles deer, so the hunter will believe that a deer is nearby. If a squirrel is spotted in this way, he is likely to come to the tree stand to try to get a meal. However, a tree stand can make it easier for the hunter to see the squirrel and pounce on it.

Using arrows shortened from breakage on a 3-D range

The early season offers limited shooting opportunities, with squirrels usually in the treetops. To avoid injury, it’s important to be careful when shooting skyward, and you can safely shoot these squirrels using shortened arrows that you’ve saved from breakage on your 3-D range. To get the best shot possible, reshorten your arrows after breaking them to a reasonable length.

Getting a kill shot to the head

Whether you’re using a bow or arrow, getting a kill shot to the head of a squirrel is possible, but you must know the proper regulations to ensure that you don’t hurt your target. In many cases, the regulations change seasonally, so be sure to read up on them before your hunt. If you’re a beginner, make sure you read up on the rules and regulations before you head out to the woods.

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