How High Off The Ground Should You Put a Squirrel Baffle

How High Off The Ground Should You Put A Squirrel Baffle? how high off the ground should you put a squirrel baffle

A common question is “how high off the ground should you put a wooden or plastic squirrel baffle?” The correct answer is between 4.5 and five feet. The types of baffles available are highly dependent on the type of feeder and your backyard squirrel strategies. If you want to keep your backyard squirrels from destroying your yard, you might want to consider installing an Audubon Torpedo or Predatorguard’s Guard Baffle.

How High Off The Ground Should You Put A Squirrel Baffle?

4.5 – 5 feet

A 4.5 – 5 feet high squirrel baffel will prevent the rodents from accessing your attic or other areas. A squirrel baffle is mounted on a pole or tree limb to discourage them from reaching the upper level. While they may try to climb up the pole, they will eventually fall to the ground. It may take several days to discourage a squirrel from climbing up to the top.

If you do not want to purchase a squirrel baffle, you can make one yourself. You can cut a large plastic salad bowl or metal mixing bowl to the appropriate size. Alternatively, you can buy a tube shaped baffle that slides over the bird feeder pole. It can be planted at the base of the pole or between the feeders and the ground. After placing the baffles on the pole, simply place a bird feeder on top.

Woodlink post mount squirrel baffle

When choosing a squirrel baffle for your home, you need to consider how high it will be above the ground. You can mount it anywhere from about half an inch to 1 3/4 inches above the ground. You will need to keep in mind that the squirrels tend to jump from tree to tree, and they will chew the baffle if they get close enough. Regardless of the material used, there is one common factor that is important to consider: how much you want to spend. Some baffles are relatively cheap and you can choose one that suits your budget. Some are more expensive and others are more budget friendly.

To prevent squirrels from accessing your feeder, you can secure a galvanized chain around the pole. If you are unable to secure the chain around the pole, then you may want to consider lowering the feeder pole and putting the baffle on top of it. This will keep squirrels from climbing over the baffle. In addition to this, the squirrel guard should be at least four inches off the ground.

How to install squirrel baffle on pole

Audubon Torpedo

If you want to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder, you’ll need to install a squirrel baffle high enough to prevent their entry. Squirrels can jump great distances using their spring-like abilities. Make sure you place your feeder at least 9-10 feet away from overhanging tree branches and wires. If you don’t want to spend any more money, you can retrofit an old plastic bowl with a squirrel baffle. Be sure to drill the bottom of the plastic bowl to prevent the squirrel from climbing the pole.

Squirrels will not climb a tubular squirrel baffle. These baffles have dome shapes and are meant to prevent them from reaching the feeder. These baffles should be placed at least four feet above the ground. The best ones are made from steel and metal and are heavy enough that squirrels will not move them. They won’t get through them if they’re a foot or two off the ground.

Predatorguard’s Guard Baffle

There are some things to remember when placing a predator guard on your pole. You should make sure the baffle is high enough to prevent raccoons and squirrels from flinging themselves over the top. If you are installing a predator guard on a pole, make sure to put the baffle at least 4 1/2 feet off the ground. Raccoons and squirrels can’t jump over a baffle, so this height is important to prevent the critters from flinging themselves over the top.

Keep in mind that predators can climb up a stovepipe baffle that has seams. To keep squirrels from slipping inside, you can place a metal “tent” baffle in the bottom. This baffle should extend far enough off the pole to block the snake from climbing it. When installing the predator guard, make sure the pole is either horizontal or dead vertical. You can also use bottle caps to hang the guards.

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