How High Should a Squirrel Baffle Be?

How High Should a Squirrel Baffle Be?

If you are trying to stop squirrels from getting to your bird feeder, you’ll need to figure out how high a squirrel baffle should be. These devices are either made of solid plastic or are flimsy and should be mounted at a height that will prevent them from climbing over it. The ideal height for a squirrel baffle is over four feet, but you may need to raise the bird feeding station to another level. Then you can hang your squirrel baffle to keep it in place.

Squirrels have insane jumping abilities. To catch a meal, they can jump four to five feet into the air. It’s important to install a squirrel baffle that is high enough to deter them. You can purchase a pole-mounted squirrel baffle online for less than $100. Make sure you measure the height of your tree before ordering your squirrel baffle. If the height is not appropriate, you might need to install an extra-tall pole.

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A squirrel baffle needs to be higher than the squirrel’s head. You shouldn’t install a smaller diameter one because it won’t be able to keep squirrels out. While smaller diameter ones may be cheaper, they don’t perform as well as a full-size one. You should consider placing a large enough squirrel baffle above the feeder for best results. The lower the height, the lower the chances of a successful squirrel attack.

Squirrels have a unique habit of chewing on anything, and the height of a squirrel baffle should be at least 4.5 to five feet above the ground. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, retrofitting an old plastic bowl is an excellent option. Just be sure to drill the bottom of the plastic bowl to prevent the squirrel from climbing the pole and damaging it.

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