how long can you leave a pet flying squirrel

How Long Can You Leave a Pet Flying Squirrel Alone?how long can you leave a pet flying squirrel

If you’re thinking of getting a flying squirrel as a pet, you’ll want to know how long it takes to raise it and provide for its needs. There are many questions to ask, including how to care for a flying squirrel and its legality. Hopefully, this article will answer most of these questions. If not, you can always read the article below to learn more about keeping your own flying squirrel.

Keeping a flying squirrel as a pet

If you’re considering keeping a flying squirrel as a pet, there are several things to consider. First, they require a high level of commitment, especially if you don’t live in a climate that is conducive to flying. However, this commitment can make for a wonderful pet, and a flying squirrel is no exception. You can learn to train them to come when called and are able to bring them out of their nest boxes for short periods of time.

Care of a flying squirrel

Keeping a flying squirrel as a pet is easy once you have a pouch to house your new companion. These animals are social and will form deep bonds with their new owners. Depending on the species, flying squirrels can be either male or female. Flying squirrels are not susceptible to many diseases. You can carry your new pet around for several hours a day. You should provide a suitable habitat, including a water bottle, food, branches to climb, a nest box, toys, and clean bedding.


If you’re unsure about the legality of leaving a flying squirrel alone in your apartment, you should first check the state laws in which you live. Some cities have rules regarding pets, so it’s best to contact the local municipal office before leaving your flying squirrel behind. You can also try to call your landlord or apartment manager to ask about the laws regarding pets. Although these offices don’t always have up-to-date information on state laws, they should be able to provide you with contact information if you’re unsure.

Diet of a flying squirrel

When deciding what food your pet flying squirrel should eat, it is important to keep in mind that different species have different diets. You can feed your flying squirrel fruits and nuts, but you should avoid feeding it cow’s milk or infant formula. Instead, offer them a mix of fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts. For example, you can add a few pieces of apple and banana to its diet every day. Fresh pinecones are also good for flying squirrels. You can also feed it hard-boiled eggs and nuts.


If you have ever thought about owning a pet flying squirrel, you are not alone. Flying squirrels live in a variety of habitats and exhibit a range of social behaviors. Understanding how these species interact with one another may shed light on human mental illnesses. Here are three tips for having a successful relationship with your flying squirrel:

Air fresheners for a flying squirrel

If you have a flying squirrel in your home, you’ll probably want to use air fresheners. Flying squirrels love oranges and can eat anything, but they can’t eat infant formula or cow’s milk. Instead, try giving them small chunks of fruit, such as oranges. As you get older, you can gradually increase the amount of fruit your flying squirrel eats and supplement their diet with calcium powder and bird cuttlebones.

Stress in a flying squirrel

Stress in a pet flying squirrel may not be as common as you think. Stress is a normal part of animal life. Hormones called cortisol help animals respond to changes in the environment. According to a graduate student at Trent University, flying squirrels have a cortisol level that is between 10 to 20 times higher than human levels. This is the highest amount of cortisol in any vertebrate.

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