How Many Episodes Of Secret Squirrel

How Many Episodes of Secret Squirrel Are There?

How many episodes of Secret Squirrel were there? The show ran from 1964 until 1968. Later, the squirrel made an appearance in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Two Stupid Dogs, alongside the Morocco Mole and bull superior. The character was also the star of two other cartoons. Secret Squirrel has been the subject of many fan films, including a remake. But what were the best episodes?

Secret Squirrel

The question “How many episodes of Secret Squirrel are there?” is something many fans want answered. The show is a beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon about a cyborg squirrel who fights crime with his wits and a white overcoat. Also known as SS, Secret Agent 000, and Squirrel the Super Spy, Secret Squirrel worked for the Double-Q Agency in England.

The Secret Squirrel’s animated series aired from 1964 to 1968 and featured several cameos and guest appearances. During the show, Squirrel appeared with Morocco Mole and a superior bull. The cartoon also featured a cast of villains with no qualms about hurting Penny. The number of episodes has never been announced, but many fans are curious. The series was a huge success, and continues to be so today.

Morocco Mole

How many episodes of Morocco Mole have you seen? This classic animated series is one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. This season has the most episodes, with more than 20 to its credit. Some episodes feature hot rodney as a villain, while others are more humorous. The best episodes feature the zany characters, such as Morocco Mole, Secret Squirrel, and Hot Rodney Jr., who all play an important role in the story.

The series also features an evil twin brother, Scirocco Mole, who first appeared in the episode of the same name. The episode also depicts Morocco being forced to act as his twin brother, as Scirocco had gone rogue. Moreover, Morocco and Scirocco Mole have other siblings, which are presumed dead, as evidenced by their wallet photographs. Morocco’s twin brother, Scirocco Mole, is portrayed by Jess Harnell.

Scooby-Doo! guest appearances

In addition to making frequent guest appearances on Scooby-Doo!, Secret Squirrel has also made an appearance in two cartoon network station IDs, including the 2 Stupid Dogs ad. This animated character is oblivious, serious, and very slapsticky, but still likeable and fun to watch. Here are the guest stars of Secret Squirrel.

In the episode “Chameleon,” the Secret Squirrel is the villain and has two henchmen – the Moroccan Mole and the Yellow Pinkie. While Double Q is threatening to fire Secret Squirrel for not using the door, the latter makes a point to catch the criminal in drag. Likewise, the villains show no remorse over hurting Penny.

Art design

Originally airing on Hanna-Barbera between 1964 and 1968, Secret Squirrel received a makeover in the last few years. In addition to a new color scheme and wardrobe, the cartoon introduced a villain named Scirocco Mole, played by Jess Harnell. Secret Squirrel’s art style stayed largely intact, featuring hard lines and sharp angles.

The series’ art design stayed largely the same, with the same sharp angles and hard lines as the original, though Secret lost the signature lisp that Blanc gave him. Secret’s lisp was modeled on Sylvester, the famous cartoon character from Warner Bros., and was paid homage in the episode “Goldflipper.” While Secret lost the lisp, his voice still retained a distinct, suave quality. It is most prominent when Secret is screaming.

Cameo appearances

The character of Secret Squirrel makes cameo appearances in several episodes of the animated series. Quark regularly rips off the hat of the titular character, but he also makes brief cameos in other episodes. Cameos are a frequent feature of Secret Squirrel, and the series has earned several fan favorites. Listed below are some of the most notable cameos.

The primary villain of Secret is Yellow Pinkie, played by Kasper Gutman from the 1941 film The Maltese Falcon. The villain was a play on Auric Goldfinger, who was a character in the original film. Another recurring character was Agent Penny (voiced by Kim Robertson), who made several cameos in later episodes. In addition, the show features a female version of the antagonist, dubbed Penny, who is a female secret agent.

Number of episodes

The number of episodes of Secret Squirrel is unknown. The cartoon aired from 1964 to 1968. Secret Squirrel was an anthropomorphic squirrel that fought crime and had corny jokes. He wore a white overcoat and purple hat, and was sometimes referred to as Secret Agent 000. The series was made by Hanna-Barbera. The series was also adapted into a comic book. Its plotline was based on the real-life adventures of a raccoon named Squirrel.

The series began on NBC as a prime-time animated special. Secret Squirrel appeared alongside fellow critters Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe LePew, and Marvin Martian. The series ran for only one season, and featured other characters such as Bugs and Daffy. The show aired with Secret Squirrel and his friends in an hour-long variety show. It was produced by Mel Blanc, who also voiced the characters from the popular cartoon series.

How many episodes of Secret Squirrel were produced?


How many seasons of Secret Squirrel were produced?


What was the first episode of Secret Squirrel titled?

“The So-So-So Secret Squad”

When did Secret Squirrel first air?

September 12 1965

Who created Secret Squirrel?


Who voiced Secret Squirrel in the majority of episodes?

Mel Blanc

Who was the nemesis of Secret Squirrel?

Morocco Mole

What was the name of Secret Squirrel’s sidekick?

Hokey Wolf

Which episodes of Secret Squirrel featured Yogi Bear?

“Yogi’s Ark Lark” and “Yogi’s Treasure Hunt”

What was the name of the group that Secret Squirrel belonged to?

The International Sneek Service

What was the name of the chief of the International Sneek Service?


How many times did Secret Squirrel say his catchphrase “I’m not telling!” in the episode “The So-So-So Secret Squad”?


What was the name of the episode where Secret Squirrel had to stop a group of robots from taking over the world?

“The Spy Who Rubbed Me the Wrong Way”

What was the name of the episode where Secret Squirrel had to retrieve a valuable diamond from a villainous pirate?

“Diamonds are a Spy’s Best Friend”

What was the name of the episode where Secret Squirrel had to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world?

“The Yukon Yutz”

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