How Often Should I Feed A 5 Week Old Squirrel

How Often Should I Feed My 5 Week Old Squirrel? How Often Should I Feed A 5 Week Old Squirrel

How often should I feed my baby squirrel? You can choose from different options such as High-protein pellets, Nuts and Corn. Generally, squirrel babies should be fed daily. However, if the mother does not appear within half an hour or there are other dangers in the area, you can bring them inside. However, keep in mind that your baby squirrel may get hurt if you feed it too often.

Esbilac formula

If you are feeding a baby squirrel, you should start with an Esbilac formula formulated for puppies. The formula contains a very low amount of fat, which is great for a young squirrel. You can supplement Esbilac with whipping cream by starting with just a teaspoon (5ml) of the cream in each cup of reconstituted Esbilac. Once the squirrel is old enough to digest a little more cream, you can reduce it or stop giving it altogether. The cream should be added at feeding time and removed only for that particular feeding.

Feeding your baby squirrel formula is simple. You can use a syringe to feed it. Be sure to use the smallest syringe you can find to minimize the risk of aspiration. Moreover, you should use only the best formula available for your baby squirrel, Esbilac. Luckily, this formula can be found at most pet shops and pet stores like Chris’s Squirels and More. However, you must purchase it right away if you want your baby to grow up healthy and strong.

High-protein pellets

The ideal amount of food for your pet squirrel is about five percent of its body weight, which is the same amount a mother would give her young in the wild. You can make feeding easier by measuring their food on a gram scale. Remember to never overfeed your pet. Overfeeding can lead to life-threatening diarrhea and also makes them easy prey for predators.

When feeding your baby squirrel, start by boosting alongside the eating routine. Feed the squirrel approximately one cc every three to four hours. Until it reaches nine to ten weeks of age, it’s okay to feed him one cc every three to four hours. Alternatively, you can use a glass water bottle or a stainless steel feeding dish.


A healthy baby squirrel should be fed several nuts every day, but it may be difficult to gauge exactly how many nuts a five-week-old squirrel should be eating. The first step is to ensure that the squirrel is adequately hydrated, as this is the first step in caring for your pet. This can be difficult for humans as we usually give our newborns milk right away, but a healthy baby squirrel should be given the correct balance of water and fat.

Squirrels need a balanced diet, which is why we should introduce them to a variety of foods with varying amounts of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. They should also be fed vegetables, especially those high in calcium, like arugula or broccoli. They can also be fed kale and radicchio. For healthy squirrel diets, you can feed the following types of foods:


Squirrels are not picky eaters. A little corn is fine for them. However, it is best to avoid cracked corn. Cracked corn is simply broken up, dried corn kernels that are sometimes mixed in with other squirrel food. Cracked corn contains a lot of starch, sugar, and carbohydrates, which can cause health problems in your squirrel and result in unexpected weight gain. For the same effect, use fresh corn instead.

When feeding your squirrel, make sure that you keep an eye on the eyes. The squirrel should be able to pee on its own, but if it is not, it could be dehydrated. A tissue dipped in warm water or a Q-tip can help stimulate the genital area. Feeding should be done every three to four hours to avoid dehydration.

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