How Often Should You Feed A Baby Squirrel?

If you have a baby squirrel, you should know how often to feed it. The feeding frequency for a 100-gram squirrel should be four to five times a day, using only a tablespoon of formula or less. As your squirrel grows, you can increase the feeding frequency, up to two times per day. It can even be fed every other day if it is growing well. When you start introducing solid foods to your baby squirrel, you should use a high-quality Veggie Blend Treat. The ingredients in this food are very healthy and will keep the squirrels’ teeth and gums clean and trim.

When your baby squirrel is newborn, it should be fed one to two cc of formula a few hours apart. After the first week, you can reduce the frequency of feeding to once or twice a day. After two to three weeks of age, you can increase the feeding time to three or four cc. You should keep the amount of formula that your baby squirrel receives as it grows. You should also be aware that it may get sick, so take it to a veterinarian if necessary.

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Feeding A Baby Squirrel

The first two weeks of life are the most crucial for your baby squirrel. It is crucial to ensure that your squirrel is properly hydrated. A dehydrated baby squirrel may not pee for several days. To help it urinate, stimulate the genital region with a Q-tip or tissue dipped in warm water. In addition to feeding your baby squirrel every three to four hours, you should consider feeding your baby squirrel once a day.

You should try to feed your baby squirrel once a day. Once it has reached around nine or 10 weeks of age, you can stop giving it formula and start giving it the same food as it would have eaten before. You should try to avoid overfeeding your baby squirrel as long as it is eating well. If you don’t notice any changes, it’s not necessary to give more. Only if the baby squirrel is eating a healthy amount of food.

If you see a squirrel that looks like it is in pain, take it indoors immediately. The baby should not be left alone for long. The mother will bring it inside to care for it. If the mother does not come in thirty minutes, move it indoors. If the animal is in danger, you can bring it inside and keep it safe. If you notice the baby squirrel peeing on its food, you can remove it gradually.

After a squirrel has become completely mobile, you should bring him inside. Make sure the baby squirrel is kept upright and fed a fluid. After a day or two, you should feed the baby with a meal or a liquid. Usually, the baby should eat up to five percent of its body weight and eat solids every half hour. A few grams is the maximum recommended amount for a newborn. The infant should be fed about 5% of its body weight.

Final Thoughts

If you find that the baby squirrel is ill, don’t try to revive it. If the baby squirrel is unconscious, he may have fallen into a nursing trance. He will look gaping, his mouth will be open and he will continue to swallow drops of formula from the syringe. To wake him up, wash his face with a damp cloth, mimicking the way the mother licks her baby.


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