How Secret Squirrel Coffee Is Made

How Secret Squirrel Coffee is Made

If you are a coffee fanatic and want to learn how Secret Squirrel coffee is made, you’ve come to the right place. This coffee concentrate is made from course-ground beans that are soaked in cold water. The cold water reduces acidity and helps produce a smooth cup of joe. The coffee beans used in this concentrate come from overseas, but the company is currently raising funds for a special batch of Hawaiian beans.

Produced by secret squirrels

A group of clandestine operators, known as Secret Squirrels, work for the United States Government and are responsible for gathering classified information. These individuals work to secure telephone calls and ensure the safety of aircrews and other members of the government. They may also work to identify non-members, but most people aren’t aware of this aspect of the military. Despite the name, Secret Squirrels are nothing more than regular squirrels who operate out of the shadows.

The Secret Squirrel’s name has many origins. Its use in the military goes back to the 1965 Hanna-Barbera cartoon featuring a squirrel in a trench coat. For whatever reason, the military took up the phrase and began applying it to all classified information. The longest combat mission in Strategic Air Command’s history, SENIOR SURPRISE, was officially named – in the same way – as the name of the cartoon character. The unofficial naming is still reflected on the unit’s patch.

Made with real California milk

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably tried Secret Squirrel Cold Brew coffee. This premium indulgence is made from Real California milk and features a high concentration of caffeine. Available at select Whole Foods locations, Secret Squirrel offers four different flavors: Original Black Coffee, Caffe Latte, Vietnamese Coffee, and Chicory. All of them are produced using high-quality, premium ingredients and are served in glass bottles that feature a fun illustration of each drink’s ingredient list.

The Harris Tea Company sells Secret Squirrel Coffee through Pure Steeps, and is dedicated to providing the best tasting, freshest coffee available. Founder Jessica Watson has conducted numerous studies on squirrel behavior and their interaction with humans. She has also presented her research at several wildlife conferences. She hopes that Secret Squirrel Coffee will be able to give consumers the fresh taste they crave. This is a great coffee for a busy life or when you’re on a budget.


If you’re wondering how Non-GMO Secret Squirrel coffee is made, you’re in luck. The California-based company recently announced the introduction of three new dairy-based cold brew coffee drinks. Named the Caffe Latte, Vietnamese Latte, and Dark Chocolate Mocha, the drinks feature California family-farm milk. They’re also vegan, with 90 calories per serving.

Trevor Smith and his wife Rebecca started their cold-brew love affair at home, where they experimented with different recipes and brewing methods. They started with organic fair-trade coffee and double-filtered each batch, taking 18 to 24 hours to complete. The result is delicious, cold brew coffee that’s free of GMO ingredients. But before they could start brewing their own coffee, they had to find ways to reduce the GMO content in their blend.


The origins of Secret Squirrel coffee go back to 2012. Founders Trevor and Rebecca Smith were avid coffee drinkers and experimented with many types of coffee before settling on the name they wanted to call the brand. Inspired by artisan food trends and the popularity of cold brew, the couple started selling their products at local farmers markets and developed a following of coffee and cold brew fans. Now, the company has expanded its product line to include several specialty coffee blends and a range of other artisan beverages.

In addition to the coffee, the Smiths also produce a line of growlers featuring the critters playing guitars, an American flag, and a variety of illustrations on coffee cups. The two squirrels are not related. Rather, they crawl the Internet looking for slang terms. In fact, the Secret Squirrel coffee line includes several phrases, including “secret squirrel stuff.”


In 2012, Trevor Smith and Rebecca Sullivan started Secret Squirrel cold-brew coffee, an innovative blend of premium Californian coffee. The resulting beverage is a rich, creamy, caffeine-rich indulgence that is rBST-free and non-gmo. The coffee is available in select Whole Foods stores. The Smiths’ recipe was inspired by the “new wave” trend in food and beverage consumption.

The company also offers a cold-brew variety based on popular flavors such as Rwandan Black and Sencha Green. As an added bonus, the company will showcase the smooth, bold flavors of its coffee and tea blends. Sample four of the brand’s 12oz. ready-to-drink flavors and decide which one suits you best. You’ll find the answer to your question: What’s in a Secret Squirrel coffee?

How long has Secret Squirrel coffee been around?

Secret Squirrel coffee was founded in 2014.

What is the process of making coffee?

The coffee beans are first roasted then ground and brewed with hot water to extract the coffee.

Where do Secret Squirrel coffee beans come from?

The coffee beans come from different countries such as Ethiopia Brazil and Guatemala.

How are the coffee beans roasted?

The coffee beans are roasted in small batches in a roaster.

What is the grind of the coffee?

The grind of the coffee is medium-coarse.

How much coffee is used per cup?

2 tablespoon or 1/8 cup of coffee is used per cup.

How much water is used per cup?

6-8 ounces or 3/4 cup of water is used per cup.

How long does it take to brew a cup of coffee?

It takes about 3-4 minutes to brew a cup of coffee.

What is the ideal water temperature for brewing coffee?

The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the coffee to water ratio?

The coffee to water ratio is 1:16.

How long does coffee last?

Coffee is best within 2 weeks of brewing but will stay fresh for up to a month if stored properly.

How should coffee be stored?

Coffee should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place.

What is the caffeine content in coffee?

The caffeine content in coffee varies depending on the bean but is generally between 95-200mg per 8oz cup.

How much sugar can be added to coffee?

It is recommended to add no more than 2 teaspoons or 10 grams of sugar to coffee.

What are some common ways to make coffee?

Some common ways to make coffee are with a drip coffee maker a French press or an espresso machine.

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