how to an easy cheap squirrel trap

How to Make an Easy Cheap Squirrel Trap how to an easy cheap squirrel trap

If you want to get rid of a squirrel problem, learn how to make a simple and effective trap for a very cheap price. It only takes a few simple materials including PVC pipe, Chicken wire, Birdseed and Nuts. This is a great method for keeping squirrels out of your yard, and is guaranteed to work. Follow these steps to get started! Read on to discover the best trap for squirrels and other small creatures!

PVC pipe

To make a simple PVC squirrel trap, you’ll need a piece of PVC pipe that is at least six feet long and clean. You can sand the sawed edges of the pipe with a metal file. Then, use a powered drill to make two small holes on each side of the pipe. The holes are not large, so they won’t weaken the pipe and will allow ventilation for the squirrels, minimizing the risk of suffocation. Place the bait inside the pipe, closing one end with a cap. Leave two holes on either side of the open end, one inch apart.

To make an easy cheap squirrel trap, first determine which types of squirrels you are trying to catch. Squirrels are notorious for gnawing plastic irrigation lines and can also destroy plants. To prevent them from causing more damage to your yard, make a ground squirrel trap that uses PVC pipe. You can buy PVC pipe at hardware stores. Choose the one with a diameter of five inches. The pipe should come with a cap or pipe plug to make it easier to keep out critters.


If you’re wondering how to make an easy cheap squirrel trap, you’re not alone. Birdfeeder squirrels are often attracted to birdseed because of its high nutrient content, and they also like nuts and seeds. While many backyard birdwatchers don’t mind the occasional squirrel visit, others might have a problem with them. While squirrels can be a nuisance for birdwatchers, they can also cost you money for several reasons.

To make a squirrel trap, first, you need a sturdy tree. Pick a sturdy tree, one with a thick trunk. Position the trap near the tree, with the BASE on the ground and the TOP touching the tree trunk. Secure the TOP of the trap with a bungee cord. The squirrel should fall into the trap once it is smothered with birdseed.

Chicken wire

If you’ve ever been pestered by a squirrel, you know that it can get a little bit out of control. You may have even spotted one in your yard. This is an easy way to get rid of this unwanted guest! All you need is a five-gallon bucket, wire, and patience. You should be able to finish trapping the squirrel in a day or two!

To use a mousetrap, place it beneath the ground. Squirrels love to dig up your yard, so you should use an anchor for your trap. The newspaper will disturb the mice or squirrels who are digging. This will set off the trap, and the animals will be forced to move on to other areas. If you place a trap in a tree or shrub, you will need to make sure that it’s anchored well into the ground. Otherwise, they’ll get stuck and may not escape.


If you’d like to catch squirrels in your yard, you may be wondering how to make an easy, cheap squirrel trap. The answer to this question is actually much easier than you might think. You don’t need expensive materials or elaborate designs. If you want to catch a squirrel, you can create a simple trap using sticks, plastic pipes, and other materials that are inexpensive. Read on to learn how to make a squirrel trap.

First, you’ll need some peanut butter. Put the peanut butter inside the trap’s trigger. This is going to act as the bait, attracting the squirrel to the trap. You’ll need to make sure that you bait the trap well so it won’t be a problem. It’s important to remember that squirrels can carry lice or fleas, so make sure that you use latex gloves to prevent any contact with bodily fluids.


You might wonder how to poison squirrels safely. A squirrel’s life is not insignificant; it could be dangerous, as it can carry many different diseases. A dead squirrel in the home can also attract other rodents and scavengers. Fortunately, there are many methods to get rid of squirrels without poison. One of the most popular methods is to use exclusion traps. An exclusion trap is a device with a door that shuts when the squirrel tries to leave. It’s also possible to get rid of the squirrel by opening the trap door.

Although it might seem like a simple and effective method, using poison can actually be inhumane. It’s unlikely to work as well as homeowners want it to, and it’s unlikely to eliminate all of the squirrels in the attic. Aside from the obvious health risks, not all squirrels will eat the poison. And the poison will create a bad smell, making it impractical to use in attics.

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