How to Build a Squirrel Picnic Table

How to Build a Squirrel Picnic Table

If you’ve always wanted a snack for your furry friends, you can build a squirrel picnic table with your kids and some scrap lumber. These wooden tables are perfect for feeding your favorite critters. Squirrels don’t mind the mess and they’ll be happy to eat on your table, so they’ll love it even more. You can also hang them with two 1/2-inch wood screws and fill them with nuts and seeds that your pets will love.

Once you’ve cut the wood, you can drill a hole through the center. Use a 3-inch screw to attach a pail or clay pot on top. Your squirrels will love the table – and it will help them learn about a new food source. Glue is a great choice for gluing small pieces of wood together and keeping the table sturdy. The glue is also great for younger children as it won’t take long to dry.

Squirrel Tables Are the New Bird Feeders - The New York Times

Once the wood is glued, you’re ready to drill holes through the table. Be sure to drill through the holes evenly, as hammering in nails would make the table very heavy and complicate the project. Then, drill through the top of the table with a long 3-inch screw. This screw will hold a clay pot or pail to the table, making it easier for the squirrel to find and enjoy their treats.

After the wood is glued to the table, you can drill a hole through the center. Next, drill through the table from the bottom. You’ll need a long 3-inch screw to attach a wooden pail or clay pot to the top of the table. The screw will hold the treats securely in place, so your squirrels can enjoy their tasty snacks. Once you’ve completed the steps listed above, you’re ready to start building your own squirrel picnic table.

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You can mount the feeder to a fence or a tree. The plans for this table are designed to be installed on a fence or in a tree, which will attract the squirrels to your backyard. You’ll also need a small table for squirrels to rest on, so you can use it as a snack or feeder for your pet. Once you’ve completed the table, attach the legs with drive-in screws and attach the corn.


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