How to Care for a Baby Squirrel

How to Care For a Baby Squirrel

How to Care for a Baby Squirrel

If you have a baby squirrel, the first step is to get it a new habitat. You can use a large box, dog carrier, or rodent cage. Make sure to cover the holes with smaller material such as bird netting, chicken wire, or an old window screen. You can also place a mineral stone in the carrier so the baby squirrel can lick it. This will help it develop its essential minerals and vitamin D.

After acquiring your new pet, it is best to bring it to a Wildlife Rehabilitator or a veterinarian. Failure to do so may lead to serious health complications and the death of the baby animal. If you cannot find a qualified Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area, you can try raising it yourself and releasing it back into the wild. However, remember to take the animal to a safe place.

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The next step is to find toys for the baby squirrel. Squirrels love to play with different things, but they are not accustomed to human interaction, so you have to give them fun things to do. Adding toys in the cage can be a great way to stimulate the play of the animal. If you can’t get a real stuffed animal for the baby, you can also use natural items like branches and leaves.

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