How to Care For a Pet Squirrel


Squirrels require large aviaries or enclosures with a strong mesh. These creatures love to burrow and jump, so it’s important to provide a cage that’s large enough to accommodate the size of the animal. The cage should also have a small hole in the bottom for them to access their food and water.

How to Care For a Pet Squirrel

When you are trying to teach a squirrel to come when called, be careful not to yank the tail, as it can cause discomfort. While many types of animals make great pets, some of them don’t. They may not know what you’re calling, but they’ll learn in time. You can get an easy-to-train pet by making sounds like a squirrel. Remember, a pet can learn to respond to your voice.

Guide to Taking Maximum Care of Pet Squirrel

Keep fresh water available at all times. Some squirrels like water bottles while others prefer a water bowl. A bowl will catch water drops. A water bottle must be covered and cannot get stuck, since it might get chewed by a squirrel. A glass bottle is better than a plastic one, as plastic tends to rust or get damaged. A chew guard is necessary so that your pet won’t eat the squirrel.

A squirrel needs fresh water to stay healthy and active. You should provide a large cage for it to live in. The cage should be two feet wide so it can move around freely. A mesh cage is a no-no, since squirrels will chew through it. A metal cage is better. A good cage will provide shelter for your pet and allow it to hide and bury their food. This way, your new pet will be happy and healthy.

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A squirrel’s cage should be spacious enough to hold its body weight. A wire cage with a removable tray is ideal, and a nesting box is also recommended. A squirrel’s habitat materials should be twigs, leaves, grass, and bark. The cage should be filled with branches. A small hole for a nest should be available for the squirrel to urinate. If you have a cage with a large window, a squirrel’s food and water dishes should be hung outside of the cage.

Squirrels are generally gentle, but they do have a natural fear of humans and should be introduced to humans at an early age. While it may not be suitable for small children, a pet squirrel will grow to trust people and will eventually learn to recognize them as their home. While you may not be familiar with them, you should be aware of their habits. It is essential to be patient with your new animal. A small cage is best for a pet squirrel.


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