How To Catch A Baby Squirrel

How To Catch A Baby Squirrel


Basic steps to taking care of a baby squirrel | Chris's Squirrels and More

If you see a baby squirrel, the first thing to do is get a blanket. It is best to wear gloves when doing this, but if you do not have any, you can try to catch the baby with your hands. Then, simply toss the blanket over the baby and take it outside. Then, you can release it to the wild. Here are some tips to help you catch a baby squirrel.


If possible, wait until the baby squirrel cries before you attempt to capture it. It will attract the mother and the rest of her babies. You can use a t-shirt over a heating pad to help the baby warm-up, but it is important to stay out of sight. To help the mother squirrel, turn off the phone ringer and play a distress call. The sound of the ringing phone will alert the mother that it is safe to touch her baby.

The best way to catch a baby squirrel is by using a dropper. You can use a bottle or eyedropper to aspirate the liquid. You must make sure not to squeeze the dropper on the baby’s lips, as this can injure it. You should also keep the baby away from its mother’s sight while you work on catching it. The tee shirt or the eyedropper should be clean and soft and be placed on the baby’s tongue.

It is advisable to keep the baby squirrel warm before attempting to reunite it with its mother. You can place the box in a place where the mother will not be able to find her baby. Alternatively, you can also use an improvised nest made from a t-shirt and a heating pad. The nest can be in a hanging planter. You must be careful to avoid touching the animal while you are trying to catch it.

Once you have caught the baby squirrel, the next step is to return the baby squirrel to its nesting tree. If the baby is young, it is best to return it to the tree that the mother has built for her babies. If the mother has a cavity in the tree, then the baby should go in it. If the baby is in a drey, it will be easier to catch.

Squirrels can be tricky to catch because they have such sensitive natures. But with proper preparation, you can catch a baby squirrel and raise it into a healthy, happy adult. The best way to do this is to let it be out for at least four hours. After that, you should try to keep it warm and dry. To catch a baby, you can use a distress call that will attract the mother squirrel to come to your yard.

If you are not a professional wildlife rehabilitator, you can also try to hand-rear the baby squirrel. While it is best to visit a rehabber, it is always best to bring the baby squirrel to an animal shelter. If you are unable to find a wildlife rehabilitation center, make sure that the squirrel is in a secure place, such as a box. Remember to keep the box away from kids and pets so the mother won’t get in.

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If you have a baby squirrel, you can use a hot water bottle to keep it warm. You should then leave it in a warm, dark place for at least 4 hours. If you don’t catch the mother, you can use a distress call to alert the mother. However, it is important to remember that you don’t want to touch the baby as it may have been injured by a predator.

If you have seen a baby squirrel, you might be interested in hand-rearing it. It’s best to leave the baby squirrel in the nest for at least four hours. Afterward, you should cover the box with a plastic bag and make sure the baby is warm. If the baby squirrel is injured, it’s best to contact an animal control operator. Once the child has been hand-reared, it is safe for the mother to return.

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