how to cook a squirrel in crock pot

How to Cook a Squirrel in a Slow Cooker

There are several ways to cook a squirrel in the slow cooker. Listed below are three of them, each with their own unique preparation time, cooking methods, and ingredients. If you are unsure of how to prepare the squirrel, read on to find out! Also, be sure to check out the article I wrote about cooking squirrel in the oven, which includes a video recipe! You can also try this delicious recipe in the crock pot!


You can prepare a delicious meal for your family and guests with this recipe. First, prep the crockpot and line it with double layers of foil. Pour a cup or two of water over the foil. Carefully insert the squirrel and do not poke holes in it. Place it in the crockpot and cook on high for four hours. Once cooked, remove it from the crockpot and serve with vegetables, fruit, and pumpkin pie.

If you’re cooking the squirrel, you can cook it over a low heat with bread crumbs. You can also use white wine and a few pieces of carrot. If the squirrel is old, you can increase the cooking time. To avoid the risk of salmonella or tainted meat, make sure the squirrel reaches a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. While the meat will be tender, it should still be pink on the inside. Be sure to follow the USDA guidelines for safe squirrel cooking. Eating a squirrel can cause several diseases and has been linked to the first documented case of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the U.S.

Before cooking the squirrel, clean it well and remove any traces of shot. Next, dredge it in flour and fry it until golden brown. Transfer the squirrel to a large frying pan. Cover it with foil and cook at 250 degrees for two hours. While the squirrel is cooking, add the vegetables and ketchup. After two hours, you’re ready to serve your guests!


You can cook your squirrel in a crock pot using your favorite recipes or you can simply fry it in a skillet. If you’d like to cook your squirrel without frying it in oil, you can do so by placing it on a warm plate covered with tinfoil. This will give your squirrel a golden color on all sides. Once cooked, it will be extremely tender and delicious.

First, prepare your squirrel. You can buy live squirrels at your local grocery store. Unless it is an older squirrel, you should steam it first. Older squirrels will develop tougher meat and require braising. When you cook them in a Dutch oven or skillet, brown the meat until it is crisp. If you’re cooking squirrel in the crock pot, use the browning residue as a base for your sauce. Make sure the sauce does not cover the meat.

Squirrel meat is often used in Kentucky Burgoo, which is a meat stew made from squirrel. This dish is an ancient Southern favorite and is a common food during hard times, especially after the Civil War. Squirrel meat is a versatile option for slow-cooking, as the long cooking process will tenderize the tougher parts. If you do not like squirrel meat, you can also substitute dark meat chicken or lean beef.

Cooking time

When you want to serve a delectable meal for your friends and family, a slow cooker is an excellent option. You can use this type of cooking method to make squirrel stew. In order to make the stew, you should first season the meat with granulated garlic, salt, and pepper. Once the meat is well-seasoned, you can add aromatics to the braising liquid. Be careful not to salt the meat too much. For best results, cook the squirrels on high for two or three hours on high, or on low for at least four hours on low in a dutch oven. The time may vary depending on your specific preferences, but the goal is to have the meat fork tender. The meat can then be separated from the bones and eaten.

Once you have marinated the squirrel, make it tender and pliable. Dip it in egg wash and then into flour, then into the crumbs. You can also use a pie crust if you prefer. But if you’d rather try something a little different, you can use won ton wrappers. These are less messy and work just as well. Moreover, they cook faster, and they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

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