how to deter squirrel from my dog

How to Deter a Squirrel From My Yard how to deter squirrel from my dog

If you’ve ever wondered how to deter squirrels from your backyard, read this article. We’ll cover how to use scents and copper mesh, and cover a squirrel-proof dog house in all-natural ingredients. You can also use Coyote and fox urine. Both have strong smells that repel squirrels. However, these solutions can be ineffective unless they’re used on a regular basis.

Coyote and fox urine

If your dog is having problems keeping squirrels away, you can put a spray of Coyote or fox urine around your yard. This scent can deter animals from coming to your yard, but your dog will soon get used to the smell. The best way to make sure this spray doesn’t attract more squirrels is to apply it on a regular basis. Because predator urine breaks down in the rain and UV rays, you will need to spray it often.

Fox and coyote urine are the best deterrents for squirrels and small rodents. These animals are attracted to the smell of the red fox urine, so a spray of this substance on your property will do the trick. You can also buy commercially-available fox urine in granules. Make sure to shake a pack of fox urine on the ground around your property twice a week. Replace the spray pack after 90 days.

Copper mesh

How can I deter squirrels from my yard? There are many methods to deter wildlife from your yard, but none are more effective than copper mesh. It’s a very durable, pliable material that can be used to protect your flowerbeds, potted plants, and more. Copper mesh is also fairly expensive and can be hard to handle, so you’ll want to make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands.

There are several ways to deter squirrels from your property. Putting a layer of copper mesh on your home’s siding can prevent them from chewing through it. This material is made up of thin sheets of metal and can be stuffed into different shapes and sizes to make the squirrels unable to squeeze through them. It’s also important to remember that copper mesh will not deter a squirrel from chewing through it if it’s placed against a fence, as they can gnaw through it. Using expandable foam, you can also protect your home from moisture through the gap. You can also paint it to prevent water from seeping through.

Cayenne pepper spray

Aside from the traditional traps, cayenne pepper can also be used to deter squirrels from my dog. This powerful pepper spray can be sprayed over a portion of your yard, from about 1/16 to an eighth of an acre. The scent of cayenne pepper is so strong, it can deter squirrels from digging in your yard and destroying your garden. The good news is that it is safe for birds and pets.

Cayenne pepper is a natural irritant that dogs and cats will avoid. Many people have used this to repel squirrels, deer, and other critters. Cayenne pepper is also effective for deterring groundhogs and rabbits, but the scent can be too strong for them. This repellent may cause temporary discomfort, but it’s not effective on deer.


Spicy smells are known to be repellent for squirrels. Pepper, garlic, and pepper mint all have strong smells that squirrels hate. Scents like these can be applied to plants or flowers in the yard. Apply them regularly or as needed after storms. You can also make your own peppermint spray with garlic and hot sauce. Whether you use peppermint oil or garlic, squirrels will not like the smell.

Another effective method is to apply coyote urine to the area to scare them off. The scent should be strong to discourage them. You can make a homemade spray by diluting rosemary essential oil with carrier oil. There are many homemade spray recipes available. The following are some tips for a homemade spray. Using garlic or rosemary to deter squirrels from your yard may help. You can try the following scents:


If you’ve been worried about squirrels invading your yard, there are several effective ways to keep them away. First of all, you can purchase a squirrel repellent plant. These can be placed in pots or the ground. When spotted, these plants will keep rodents away from your dog and your home. Another option is to buy predator pee and place it near the entrance of your attic or bird feeder.

If you’d rather make your own squirrel repellent spray, you can try mixing hot sauce with a gallon of water and spray the area. Make sure to reapply the repellent to maintain its effect. Other repellents include garlic, vinegar, and water. These can also be sprayed on stakes in your vegetable garden. These repellents work in many ways, but they are not as effective as hot sauce or garlic.

Ultrasonic deterrents

If you are looking for a humane and effective way to keep squirrels out of your yard, consider using ultrasonic deterrents. These devices emit sound waves that are 25 kHz and have an intense, wide field of effect. Ultrasonic deterrents are an excellent choice because they have no odor and require little to no maintenance. Bird-X is one company that offers multiple options for different situations.

While many people opt to use cayenne pepper spray to repel pests, you should also consider using an ultrasonic squirrel repellent. This type of device produces a penetrating ultrasonic sound that is too high for human ears. Those inquisitive creatures will immediately run away from your property and avoid your dog. Ultrasonic deterrents are a great option if you’re worried about squirrels digging up your yard.

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