How to Domesticate a Squirrel

How to Domesticate a Squirrel

Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet In Your Home?

The first step in domesticating a squirrel is ensuring it is healthy and safe. You should also be sure to provide your new pet with enough space to run around and play. Be sure to clean its cage on a daily basis. Soft hay is suitable for the floor of a squirrel cage, but make sure it is changed daily. Avoid bedding such as “Care Fresh” as this could get stuck in your squirrel’s intestines. Instead, you should purchase heavy cotton canvas duck for your cage.

Once you’ve domesticated your squirrel, it will be safe for you to introduce it to other animals and humans. Initially, a squirrel might feel wary of humans, but as time goes on, they will learn to trust you and your household. You can also offer peanuts to entice your new pet to come closer to you. However, you should not try to feed your pet right away, as this will frighten them and may lead them to shoot poop at you.

Once you have acquired the trust of your squirrel, it will be easier to approach him or her. To start, sit in a quiet area and ignore it while the animal is eating. Once you’ve gained the trust of the squirrel, you can gently feed him or her by sprinkling a small amount of food. Remember not to pick up the food yourself; the trick is to toss it gently.

Once you have gained the trust of your new pet, you can begin grooming him or her. It will probably take a few months for the squirrel to warm up to you, but it will usually reciprocate in some way. You can also brush his or her fur and rub his or her ears and under-chin. And if you’ve got a baby squirrel, it might even take a shower with you!

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Domesticated squirrel 'being kept in a dark closet with minimal food' seized in Arlington | KATV

A squirrel can be dangerous to children. To avoid hurting them, it is best to introduce your pet to humans at an early age. This will teach them that you’re not a threat and will continue to treat them with respect. In the meantime, try to leave your new pet alone as often as possible. If you’ve successfully domesticated a squirrel, he or she will stay away from other humans and will be content to live with you.

Squirrels are generally playful animals and need lots of attention. You can train a squirrel to recognize humans by putting out food in his cage. If your new pet won’t eat the food, use a grape instead. The grape will distract your pet and make him or her less threatening. If you don’t have a cage, you can put the food in a glass enclosure.

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