How To Draw A Squirrel: Squirrel Drawing

How to Draw a Squirrel

There have been lots of tutorials on how to draw a squirrel either through the supper cartoon-like or super realistic because a lot of people are finding it difficult to get it done easily. Well, In this tutorial, a lot of focus will be put on getting the actual shape of the head, legs, and tails right because that has been the most difficult and confusing part of the drawing as many have encountered challenges about this.  Follow these simple steps and tips to get started on how to draw a squirrel.

Getting Started with Squirrel Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Squirrel From the Side View Tutorial - EasyDrawingTips

 Squirrel Drawing Construction Lines

To start with, draw a construction line of a circle for the head and a pear-shaped figure below it, then draw a vertical line from both ends of the pear. be sure that you are not a thick pencil for the draft as it gets rough and difficult to erase while drawing.

Next, you can draw the tail. The tail is made up of long free strokes that should be about the width of a construction line. Then, use these lines to form the flowing curve of the tail in your drawing. The eyes should be in the same position as the body. The nose should be slightly above the ears and be slightly longer than the body. For the squirrel’s mouth, draw a long curved line with a small triangle at each end.

The squirrel legs can be completed by adding the right texture. The first step is to draw two circles, one larger than the other. Then, use those figures to create a row of slanted figures. Once the ears have been added, draw two curved figures for the eyes. Some breeds of squirrels have pointier ears. The legs should be drawn with trapezoids at each circle. The smallest trapezoid should be for the leg that will be hidden behind the body of the squirrel.

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After you complete drawing the head, you can then draw the ears. You should use two circles for the eyes, one bigger than the other. You can also add freehand whiskers around the mouth in your squirrel drawing. Remember to keep the directionality of your fur strokes. The back legs should be pointed and some breeds have long curved ears.

Once you have the body of a squirrel, the next step is to draw the tail. The tail is often wavy and should be drawn with movement and motion in squirrel drawing. In order to get the best effect, It should have a curved base and be flipped “S” from the body. The tail of a squirrel is a bushy, rounded extension of its body and should be black to make the fur look glossy

The eyes should be the next in line. The eyes of a squirrel are small and should be painted black. Then, you should add a small solid circle to represent the eye. Then, add the nose. Don’t forget to include the entire body of the squirrel. The nose should be big and recognizable. You can use this squirrel drawing tutorial step and construction lines to learn and begin how to draw your squirrel because drawing a squirrel can be tricky.

The body of a Squirrel is similar to that of a cat or dog. To draw a Squirrel, you should connect the head to the oval. Then, use a short curved line to form the arm. Then, you should also connect the eye to the nose to create a more realistic look.

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