how to drive the squirrel away

How to Drive the Squirrel Away From Your Home how to drive the squirrel away

Listed below are some methods of how to drive the squirrel away from your home. They range from Chemical repellents to Physical removal. If none of these techniques work, try one of the following:

Chemical repellents

You can use predator repellents to keep squirrels out of your yard. These sprays are made from a variety of ingredients, including predator urine. Although this rarely works, some predator repellents are made with substances that are toxic to animals. Naphthalene, for example, is used in the production of mothballs. While these repellents are meant to drive away the squirrels, they are not a good idea for several reasons. These chemicals have unpleasant side effects on people and plants.

You can also use a hot sauce solution to keep squirrels away. This repellent has many of the same ingredients as mothballs. This repellent is especially effective in the attic, where the squirrels can easily access the attic. It also works on the branches of tall trees. However, this repellent only works if you can seal off other parts of your home, including the windows and doors.

Physical removal

If your home is plagued by squirrels, physical removal is necessary. However, if you’re not confident in your skills and knowledge, you can hire a nuisance wildlife control company to do it for you. You can try to seal off access points to your home with a tightly woven wire mesh that won’t be bitten by a squirrel. You can also cut down overhanging tree limbs to block the entry point.

In addition to destroying your home and causing you stress, squirrels can also carry a range of illnesses, and some of them can spread these through urine and feces. Although squirrels are not dangerous in the same way as larger animals, you should still take care of them the same way you would any other wildlife. You should also keep in mind that squirrels can cause damage to your home and can also cause panic attacks in homeowners.


Some of the best plants to drive squirrels away are easy to grow. These flowers are attractive to birds and butterflies and don’t taste like food to squirrels. If you can’t keep them from eating your flowers, you can try planting irises. Irises are easy to grow and don’t have a flavor that squirrels dislike. Other plants that are great for squirrel repellent include dragon head plants and daffodils.

To deter squirrels from eating your flowers and plants, you can try chicken wire, plastic forks or even netting. Place a wire about eight to 12 inches below the soil to deter squirrels from digging. You can also try planting crown imperial bulbs to repel squirrels. Nevertheless, it won’t stop squirrels from nibbling at the flowers and plants. In case you don’t want to use poisons, you can plant companion plants like lavender, rosemary, thyme and basil. The herbs in particular will also keep squirrels away from the potted plants.

Predator urine

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your yard free of rodents, you might consider using predator urine. This substance is highly toxic to squirrels, and they’ll eventually become accustomed to the odor. Squirrels also have evolved their lifestyle to reflect the growth of our human population and urban environment. It works best when applied regularly, as predator urine degrades with the UV rays and rain.

Other natural repellents include peppermint oil and cayenne pepper. However, you’re not limited to these methods. There are many others. Alternatively, you can also create your own squirrel repellent by mixing hot sauce or garlic with some water. Mixing these ingredients together and applying them around your property should keep squirrels away for a while. However, you’ll need to reapply them after heavy rain.

Cayenne pepper

Using cayenne pepper to drive squirrel away may sound a bit strange, but it actually has several benefits. The spicy pepper is helpful to your plants, as it provides them with much-needed nutrients. The downside of using cayenne pepper to drive squirrels away is that the hot substance tends to dilute its smell, making it less effective as a repellent. However, you can still create a cayenne pepper spray for your garden by diluting a small bottle of hot sauce in a gallon of water.

In addition to being highly poisonous, cayenne pepper is effective at deterring squirrels. Its odour is highly unpleasant for most animals, but this pepper is especially effective at driving squirrels away. You can place cayenne pepper near your bird feeder to keep it out of reach of the squirrel. You can also plant a cayenne pepper plant next to other plants that are attractive to squirrels.


Daffodils are a good choice to use in your garden to deter squirrels. They are early-blooming and hardy in many climates. You can plant a clump along the base of a tree, next to a structural border, or between summer-interest shrubs. These flowers have a strong scent and will keep out squirrels during the entire growing season.

Another great way to repel squirrels is to plant Narcissus flowers in your garden. These bright flowers have a strong odor that squirrels don’t like. They are part of the Lilaceae family and have unfavorable parts for squirrels to eat. The roots of marigolds contain thiophenes, a sulfur-based chemical that may help repel pests. While the smell of marigolds may be unpleasant for humans, the scent of these flowers may drive away squirrels.

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