How To Fill Squirrel Tunnels

How to Fill Squirrel Tunnels

There are many ways to fill squirrel tunnels, but the most effective and efficient method is using a great burrow blocker machine. The machine, which is filled with sand and water, pumps out the slurry mixture with great pressure into the tunnels. The slurry then settles down into the burrow, preventing squirrels from accessing the tunnels. Here are some helpful tips:

Burrow Blocker

Burrow Blockers are a relatively new product for filling squirrel and other burrowing animal holes. The burrow blocker system pumps a slurry of sand and water into the burrow, which seals the hole and captures the animal. Because of their effectiveness, Burrow Blockers can be used to fill holes that have been left untreated for several years. Some states require pest control licenses to fill holes for hire, but end users do not need them.

Feline litter

In order to keep chipmunks from gnawing on your landscaping, you can try using cat litter. Unlike clay, non-clay cat litter does not contain any feces or urine, which is why this method is more environmentally friendly. However, chipmunks will not be happy about the smell of cat urine and will turn away from the tunnels if they see them. Also, the smell of cat urine will cause them to believe that a predator has invaded their territory. Filling their tunnels with cat litter will not keep them from digging new holes, however, and it will only lead to further frustration.

Body – gripping traps

One of the best ways to get rid of ground squirrels is to use Body-Gripping Traps (also known as Conibear(r) traps). These are small, clamp-like traps that are placed over the entrance of a ground squirrel’s tunnel. The trap crushes the ground squirrel when it sticks its head out. Body-Gripping Traps are safe to use and do not require bait.

Castor oil

If you have squirrel problems, you should know that you can use castor oil to fill their tunnels. This is a natural product that is extracted from the seeds of castor beans. It contains ricin, a poison that can harm humans. Fortunately, castor oil won’t harm you unless you accidentally ingest it. Its odor will discourage animals and can last for days. Apply it where the squirrels make their tunnels and they’ll stay away from your property.

Cage or box live traps

If you’re unsure how to fill squirrel tunnels, you can buy commercially available live traps from hardware stores or over the internet. However, you can also make your own. When using a live trap, the opening should be between three and five inches long, and eight to thirteen cm wide. To get the best results, check the traps daily. It’s best to place the traps out of the way during the day, but be sure to check them in the morning and evening. Using a trap with a wobbly entrance will likely discourage animals from spending a lot of time in the box.

Interlocking stones

A great way to prevent ground squirrels from digging and burrowing in your yard is to fill holes with interlocking stones. Ground squirrels are known to dig very deep holes with multiple entrances. To block their tunnels, you can use a great burrow blocker machine. This machine fills up with a slurry of sand and water and then pumps it out with great pressure. The slurry fills up holes in the ground.


If you have ground squirrels, you probably wonder how to fill squirrel tunnels. These rodents dig tunnels for various reasons. Some make a huge maze of tunnels underground, and their holes are the entrance. Filling the holes will not only stop ground squirrels from coming out, but will also prevent them from damaging the roots of nearby plants. You can fill the tunnels with sand or gravel, which absorb water. You can then top it off with turf or topsoil.


One way to effectively fill squirrel burrows is to use expanding goo. It will pack sand and water into the burrow to fill it. However, digging in massive burrows is not recommended since it may cause damage to structures and mess. If you are unsure about how to fill the holes, you can always consult public squirrel control operators to guide you on how to fill the holes. The process is quick, and the end result is a completely blocked tunnel.


Putting traps in squirrel tunnels is an effective way to catch these rodents. They are equipped with solid 2mm olive drab powder coated steel excluders that let squirrels through, but don’t allow larger non-target species to enter. The lid is double hinged for ease of access to the bait compartment. The lid is secured with a strong hasp and padlock for added security. Putting traps inside squirrel tunnels is an effective way to catch more squirrels, and also catches more rodents.

Cat litter

For many homeowners, the best way to discourage chipmunks from gnawing on your plants and garden is to fill their tunnels with cat litter. This natural product is non-clay, so it won’t leave behind any traces of cat urine and feces, and it’s also less likely to cave in. However, the downside to this method is that it requires a cat and is not environmentally friendly. However, if you are worried about the odor of cat litter, you can also use it to attract chipmunks.

How do you fill a squirrel tunnel?

Answer 1: You can fill a squirrel tunnel by digging it up and filling it with dirt rocks or other materials.

What is the best way to fill a squirrel tunnel?

Answer 2: The best way to fill a squirrel tunnel is by digging it up and filling it with dirt rocks or other materials.

What happens if you don’t fill a squirrel tunnel?

Answer 3: If you don’t fill a squirrel tunnel the squirrel may dig another one in the same spot or in a different spot.

How often do you need to fill a squirrel tunnel?

Answer 4: You need to fill a squirrel tunnel as soon as you notice it.

What are some signs that there is a squirrel tunnel?

Answer 5: Some signs that there is a squirrel tunnel are fresh dirt on the surface a small hole or a tunnel that goes from one burrow to another.

Where do squirrels live?

Answer 6: Squirrels live in trees in the wild and in urban areas.

What do squirrels eat?

Answer 7: Squirrels eat acorns nuts seeds fruits and vegetables.

Do squirrels hibernate?

Answer 8: No squirrels do not hibernate.

Do all squirrels climb trees?

Answer 9: No not all squirrels climb trees.

Ground squirrels and chipmunks for example live on the ground.

How can you tell if a squirrel is a baby?

Answer 10: You can tell if a squirrel is a baby if it is small has a soft body and has a tail that is not fully developed.

How can you tell if a squirrel is an adult?

Answer 11: You can tell if a squirrel is an adult if it is larger has a hard body and has a fully developed tail.

How long do squirrels live?

Answer 12: Squirrels generally live for about 10 years but some squirrels have been known to live for up to 20 years.

What do baby squirrels drink?

Answer 13: Baby squirrels drink their mother’s milk.

What do adult squirrels drink?

Answer 14: Adult squirrels drink water.

Do squirrels like to be around humans?

Answer 15: Some squirrels like to be around humans while others do not.

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