How To Find A Good Squirrel Hunting Spot

How to Find a Good Squirrel Hunting Spot How To Find A Good Squirrel Hunting Spot

How to find a good squirrel hunting spot? It may seem simple, but the best spot has a large number of benefits. First, you must avoid spots with dense trees that grow close together. Another tip to help you find a good spot: make sure you stand with the sun behind your shoulders. This way, you will be able to place an accurate shot. Second, the location should be shaded by trees that grow close together, such as pines and oaks.


Before you start hunting, you should use binoculars to scout the woods. This tool will help you spot the best spots for squirrel hunting. If the tree dens are inactive, look for the leaves in big balls. Active squirrels don’t use leaf nests, but if you find a large, full ball, it’s most likely that a squirrel is hiding inside.

When you have binoculars, you’ll want to pick a high magnification pair. The binoculars will help you see details that your rifle and other hunting equipment cannot. Use them to locate a “bump” that looks like a squirrel. The magnification level is also important, as higher numbers indicate higher quality. However, if you are a beginner, consider purchasing an inexpensive pair to get started.

Putting up a squirrel blind

When putting up a squirrel blind, you need to find a location where you can see the squirrels easily. If possible, it’s better to ask the landowner for permission to hunt on their land if you are hunting on private property. If you have no landowner’s permission, consider setting up a small temporary blind near a food source. If the area doesn’t have a permanent squirrel blind, you may still have a chance to catch one.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location for your blind, move slowly and quietly from one tree to the next. Keep your eyes on the trees around you for any sign of activity. You don’t want to startle the squirrel, so move slowly to a new location. Remember to prepare yourself for a squirrel shot before setting up your blind. When you see a squirrel coming out of cover, you’ll be ready to shoot.

Oaks and pines growing close together

When hunting for squirrels, the best places to find them are near water sources. This is because trees growing next to the water are more likely to be home to the largest fruit and nuts. This is why hunters should wear knee boots or hip waders near water sources. Once you find the best places, the next step is to find squirrel activity. Look for broken acorns, nuts and bark scattered under trees.

While squirrels are omnivorous, they have some preferred foods. While they feed on a variety of foods, they also eat acorns, pine nuts, and other seeds. If you live near oak trees, then you’ll have an advantage because the squirrels will be looking for them during the fall. These trees also have acorns that are ideal for hunting.


Squirrels can be difficult to spot, especially if they’re in a tree. They’ll hide from hunters or climb into the tree, so patience is key. Be patient and watch the woods for 15 minutes before moving. Fidgety squirrel hunters will see very few animals. During the early season, move slowly to get under the tree. Wait until the trees are still and the squirrels are visible through the leaves. They will return as soon as the coast is clear.

Squirrels will feed in dense foliage, so it’s essential to stay calm and wait until they’re ready to eat. Young squirrels won’t clear the tree after being shot. It’s best to wait until an older squirrel is near the tree before shooting. The mast can lead you to the squirrel mother lode. If you’re patient and stay calm, you’ll be rewarded with a tasty trophy.

Using a spotting scope

To use a spotting scope, you should be on high ground with a clear view in several directions. Make sure you set up your scope on a tripod against a background of rock or brush so you can see clearly and comfortably. To avoid shakiness while using a spotting scope, sit on a sleeping pad behind it. It can serve as a backrest, too. A good hunting pack can serve as a backrest when using a spotting scope.

While you are spotting, you must also have a clear line of sight between you and your partner to avoid causing any mishaps. Squirrels are extremely adept at hiding in trees, making it difficult for humans to match their senses to their location. Having a partner while hunting will even the playing field, though. However, remember that squirrel hunting is much like hunting with a partner. No matter how many hunters are involved, the challenges are the same.

Where is the best place to find squirrels?

In the woods near trees where they can climb and hide.

What time of day are squirrels most active?

In the morning and early evening.

How can you tell if a squirrel spot is good?

There should be evidence of squirrel activity such as tracks scat or chewed nuts.

What is the best way to lure squirrels?

By using bait such as corn nuts or fruit.

What type of weapon is best for squirrel hunting?

A small caliber rifle or air rifle.

How close do you need to be to shoot a squirrel?

Within 30 yards.

What is the best way to avoid being seen by squirrels?

Wear camouflage and stay downwind.

What is the best way to stay quiet while hunting?

Wear soft-soled shoes and move slowly.

What is the best way to avoid scaring squirrels away?

By using a blind or hiding behind vegetation.

What should you do if a squirrel spot is not productive?

Try another spot.

What should you do if you spot a squirrel?

Take a shot as soon as possible.

What should you do if you miss a shot?

Be patient and take another shot when the squirrel is in range.

What should you do if you wound a squirrel?

Try to track it down and put it out of its misery.

What should you do with a squirrel after you kill it?

Field dress it and take it home to eat.

What are some general tips for squirrel hunting?

Be patient be quiet and be prepared to move around.

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