how to get a good shot when squirrel hunting

How to Get a Good Shot When Squirrel Hunting

If you want to be successful at squirrel hunting, you need to learn the techniques that will help you make the right shot. Before you begin, make sure your firearm is clean. Clean the muzzle and chamber. Be sure to keep the firearm at a safe distance from the squirrel to avoid injury. Also, avoid shooting from trees that are damaged, as they could fall on you or hurt you. Regardless of which method you choose, it’s imperative that you get a good shot.

Techniques for getting a good shot

One of the best ways to get a good shot when squirrel hunting is to set up your blind on a tree stump or log, preferably in an area with camouflage. A squirrel is extremely shy, especially within fifteen yards, so it is important to choose a blind in an area with good cover. Similarly, a ghillie suit will also come in handy when squirrel hunting.

When attempting to shoot a squirrel, make sure you observe it closely. They are difficult to spot because they generally run before they are noticed and freeze when they sense danger. Therefore, it is necessary to train your eye to detect their movement. After locating a squirrel, sit still and wait for an open shot. Keep your rifle and ammunition ready. If the squirrel doesn’t move, wait at least 15 minutes before taking aim.

Ammunition options

Ammunition for squirrel hunting comes in a variety of types and specifications. The most suitable ammunition for squirrel hunting will cause a large wound channel without over penetrating the target. However, the type of bullet you choose should be compatible with the type of hunting you plan to do. There are also safety considerations that you should consider before making a final decision. The best way to choose an ammunition for squirrel hunting is to understand its characteristics and match it with your hunting purpose.

The most common type of ammunition for squirrel hunting is subsonic ammunition. This type of ammunition has a subsonic velocity that prevents the sonic boom produced when the bullet enters the animal. A velocity balancer helps achieve the best consistency and accuracy. For this type of ammunition, you can opt for a rifle that has a silencer. Alternatively, you can also buy a bullet that features a noise suppressor.

Using a call

The first thing to remember when squirrel hunting is to get a decent location. It is best to go at an early time in the winter, when the trees are leafless and open. You should then walk to a different location and wait for around twenty minutes. If you’re unsuccessful, you can use a call to lure the squirrels closer to your location. A squirrel call sounds like the sound of a squirrel barking. This will attract the squirrels and allow you to get a good shot.

Using a call can be a good way to attract a squirrel. When used correctly, it mimics the sound of a disturbed animal, which will cause the animal to come in closer. A call can be a great hunting tool if you have a buddy with you. This way, you’ll be more likely to catch a squirrel if you call from a safe distance.

Using a muzzleloading rifle

A muzzleloading rifle is a great choice for squirrel hunting because the bullet is much faster than a shotshell, so it does not hammer the animal as bad. If you are body shooting the squirrel, a rimfire load will likely be enough to suck the meat from its head, but you must be prepared to deal with a headshot at 50 yards or more. Finding a good rest can be difficult, especially during this time of the year.

If you have a muzzleloading rifle, you can practice using a bipod or tree-tree rest to get the proper elevation and range. You will also need to practice using a life-size target to determine your effective range. At this range, you should shoot two-inch groups with a muzzleloading rifle. Remember, you’ll be shooting at a squirrel with a bullet a half-inch long.

Using an air rifle

When using an air rifle to hunt squirrels, you must make sure that you have a high-quality shot. You should choose one with adjustable 2-stage trigger, which makes it easier for you to adjust the shot and get the most accurate shot possible. An air rifle with thumbhole stock is a better choice than a handgun, as the latter lacks the horsepower required for a clean kill on a squirrel. A rifle with all-weather synthetic stock is the most comfortable and balanced for hunting, and most of these rifles have a rubber recoil pad to help with recoil. A rifle with checkered synthetic stock is best, since this will reduce recoil.

Choosing the correct pellet for your air rifle is essential. Many experienced shooters use different brands of pellets, but one of the most important tips for a successful shot is to avoid lead-free lightweight pellets. Lead-free pellets are easy to drift in the wind and lose their energy quickly. It is best to choose a packet of assorted pellets and practice shooting until you can hit the vitals of a squirrel at least four times.

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