how to get a squirrel out of my basement

How to Get a Squirrel Out of My Basement

If you want to know how to get a squirrel out of your basement, there are several methods you can try. These include live trapping, pre-baiting, rodenticides, and hiring a wildlife removal service. These methods will be discussed in this article. If you do not want to use any of these methods, there is another, safer option: trapping the squirrel with live bait. Read on for more information and recommendations on products you should use.


how to get a squirrel out of my basement

There are several methods to pre-bait a squirrel out of your basement. You can put up a door barrier using plywood or particle board. If possible, remove a window in the basement, block off the door and leave a radio on. In addition, bright lights can drive a squirrel away. If you cannot get the squirrel out by yourself, call a professional pest control service.

Live traps include cages and traps that have one-way exclusion doors. The squirrel is then left in the trap, which you can remove later. If you use repellents to deter the squirrel, make sure to block off all access points to the house. Also, don’t forget to cover any entryways in the basement so the animal won’t get out. After the trapping, the next step is to remove the trapped animal.

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Live trapping

If you’ve been pondering how to get a squirrel out of your basement, you may want to consider live trapping the animal. Squirrels are 8-20 inches long and weigh less than two pounds. They have a bushy tail and are excellent climbers. Squirrels make sounds similar to barks and purrs. The sounds are meant to communicate with other squirrels, and you’ll want to make sure these squirrels can’t find your food or water sources.

Live traps can be set in cages or traps with one-way exclusion doors. Once a squirrel is trapped, it can be removed later. To protect yourself from the animal after you’ve released it, use repellents and block all possible entryways. You’ll also want to make sure the animal won’t return unless you remove the trap. After you’ve released a squirrel, you should check with local authorities before using live traps.


In the case of a rodent infestation, you may be tempted to use rat poison and fumigants, but these pesticides are extremely toxic and should never be used in a home where humans or pets are present. Not only do they kill rodents, but they can also leave a foul odor and kill other animals in the area. In addition to the dangers associated with rodenticides, they pose serious storage and disposal issues as well.

You may also consider using traps, trapping materials, or diphacinone-based rodenticides to get a squirrel out. The first step is to clear the area of clutter and seal off any potential food and water sources. Also, replace any damaged or rotten wood. Then, use baits that contain poisonous ingredients or a combination of these. After trapping the squirrel, make sure to check the area for offspring.

Hiring a wildlife removal company

If you’ve decided that hiring a wildlife removal company to get a tree squirrel out of your basement is the best option for you, there are a few things to consider before you hire someone to remove the animal. These companies specialize in the removal of wildlife, and their prices are based on their experience and their location. Many companies can handle your problem on the same day you call them, but you need to consider the price of having a technician come out after hours. The service will likely be more expensive than if you contacted a company that operates during regular business hours.

Professional wildlife removal companies use humane traps and baits to get rid of squirrels in your home. You should also keep your trash and other possible food sources out of reach of the squirrel. Keep pet food inside containers, not in your basement, and store them in an indoor location. This way, your squirrel problem will disappear and you can get back to enjoying your home. Hiring a wildlife removal company to get a squirrel out of my basement is a good idea if you want to keep your home free from wildlife.

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