How To Get A Squirrel Out Of The Walls Of Your House

How to Get a Squirrel Out of the Walls of Your Househow to get a squirrel out of the walls of your house

Squirrels enjoy the safety and warmth of wall cavities, and they often use these spaces as nests. In the case of a squirrel infestation in your walls, you must first identify how the squirrels entered your home. Look for chewed or broken vents. If you find holes in the attic, they probably got in through one of these openings. Then, try to find an entry point in the wall.

Moth balls

Unlike other methods, moth balls are not safe for people or for the environment. This is because they contain pesticides that can harm your health if they get into your house. Also, the moth balls contain dangerous chemicals that can harm children, as they can be carried by squirrels. Therefore, if you want to get rid of squirrels, you should stick to legal ways. To get rid of squirrels, contact a wildlife exterminator. They will evaluate your property and recommend the best rodent control methods.

If you don’t want to purchase mothballs, you can make your own. The mothballs contain a chemical called naphthalene. This substance has a distinct odor, which makes it unappealing for squirrels. The smell of mothballs reminds squirrels of forest fires. However, do not leave the mothballs around kids or pets. You should also scatter the mothballs in your garden or flower beds. Remember to replace the mothballs regularly, as the vinegar evaporates after a while.

Steel screens

Squirrels are not easily deterred by physical barriers, such as steel screens or metal mesh. One-way holes in these screens should point toward the outside. This allows the squirrels to leave the building, but prevents them from coming back. Another method of deterring squirrels is to place hardware cloth over window openings. If you’re not sure whether plexiglass will work, consider putting a thin sheet of metal over the top of the screen.

Another option is chicken wire. It comes in squares that are about half an inch apart. You can cut the wire with a pair of wire cutters, and place it over the openings for soffits, underpinnings, and crawl space entrances. You can even place it inside the chimney to deter squirrels. While chicken wire isn’t a permanent barrier, it’s sturdy enough to prevent them from getting inside.

Live trapping options

Live trapping is a viable option for getting rid of a squirrel in your house. These traps include cages and repeater traps, which work well to capture the animals. You can place one of these traps over an entry hole where the squirrels are often seen. If they’re unable to get out of the trap, leave it for later. If the trap fails to capture the squirrel, you can dispose of the carcass after it’s been captured.

You can buy live animal traps for a squirrel at your local home improvement store. Live traps come in many varieties, but one-way door, cage, and repeater traps are the most popular. The type you choose depends on your budget and your individual needs. A cage trap can capture multiple squirrels within a few hours. It is also safe for young infants and is available for catching multiple squirrels at one time.


If you are having a squirrel problem, you might be wondering what type of bait you can use to keep the animals out of your home. It’s important to remember that these animals are very sensitive and will respond aggressively to perceived threats. A good method of repelling them is to place vinegar near the bottom of your fireplace or attic door. If the squirrels don’t leave your house, you can try blocking their entry points with wood or paper. If you still find them in your home, you should contact a pest control company to remove them.

Another alternative is to use peppermint oil. Saturate cotton balls with the oil and place them in your walls and attics. Replace the cotton balls every two to three days to keep the squirrels away. You can also use peppermint oil on a spray bottle with two cups of water and spray it on the siding and entry points of your home. This method works best if you’re not willing to invest in an expensive repellent.

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