How To Get Pet Squirrel Animal Jam

How to Get Pet Squirrel in Animal Jam how-to-get-pet-squirrel-animal-jam

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of players who have downloaded Animal Jam, you’ve likely wondered: How can I get pet squirrel in the game? First, you must understand what Pet Squirrels eat and why they don’t like Plant-based food. Then, you’ll need to provide them with Millet sprays and Nuts to keep them happy. And last but not least, you’ll need to provide a Tail for them to walk on.


When your pet squirrel tries to get your nuts, you may be tempted to grab it and give it to him. Remember, he’s never been snatched by a human before, and he’s likely to panic. Wild animals, on the other hand, don’t know what to expect when they come into contact with humans. Getting nuts from your pet squirrel is as much about patience as it is about avoiding a fight.

Squirrels don’t only eat nuts, though. They also enjoy corn and sunflower seeds. Make sure you get a fresh ear of corn, since your pet squirrel will enjoy tearing off the husk. You can also buy a spray that contains millet to prevent your pet squirrel from becoming too messy by gnawing on it. It’s worth mentioning, though, that squirrels can be picky about the kind of nuts they eat, so always be prepared to replace their favorite foods with fresh ones.

Plant-based food

You should feed your pet squirrel plant-based food. Squirrels are omnivores, but they can also be classified as herbivores. As a young adult, they are guided by their parents to explore different types of food. Fortunately, there are plenty of plant-based foods for pet squirrels, so you can easily provide all of the essential nutrition your pet needs.

The natural diet of squirrels is composed of various vegetables. They will dig up any nutrient-rich vegetable. Some enthusiasts feed their pet squirrels cereals. These nuts contain essential nutrients for squirrels and will help them build fat reserves for the winter months. A good choice for pet squirrels is a mix of corn, wheat, and oats, which contain a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Millet sprays

Millet is a natural food for squirrels and can be sprayed directly onto the squirrel. It is very nutritious and can keep them busy for hours. But don’t overdo it with it, as too much sugar can wreck havoc on your pet’s health. Instead, feed them healthy and balanced foods in moderation. Here are some suggestions. Millet sprays for pet squirrels are available at many pet stores.

A common misconception about squirrels is that they only eat nuts and seeds, but they are omnivorous and will also eat many other types of plant-based foods. For example, squirrels love cheese and other dairy products, and they can also eat bread, pet food, and fungi. Depending on their preference, they will likely eat anything that tastes good. The best way to keep them healthy is to provide them with a nutritious diet and clean housing.


The Pet Squirrel is a non-member land pet that is acquired by redeeming the code for 1-21 peacocks. This animal is known for its large round head and small body, and it comes with several types of tails to match its personality. Players can use these tails to customize the appearance of their pet, and the game offers many accessories that can be used with the animal. You can buy these accessories in the Pet Stop, or purchase rare ones by completing certain events.

It is important to note that you should never attempt to touch the animal. Squirrels have sharp claws and can become easily agitated. As a result, touching an animal in its natural habitat will have no benefits for it. Moreover, wild animals are more prone to contracting diseases if they get agitated. Therefore, you should avoid handling wild animals until you know the right way to handle them.

Where do you find a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 1: You can purchase a pet squirrel from the animal jam shops.

How much does a pet squirrel cost on animal jam?

Answer 2: A pet squirrel costs 500 gems in the animal jam shops.

What do pet squirrels eat on animal jam?

Answer 3: Pet squirrels eat nuts and berries.

How do you care for a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 4: You need to feed your pet squirrel and play with it every day.

What is the lifespan of a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 5: The lifespan of a pet squirrel is 10 real life weeks.

Can you trade a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 6: No you cannot trade a pet squirrel on animal jam.

What color can pet squirrels be on animal jam?

Answer 7: Pet squirrels can be brown black or white.

What is the birthday of a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 8: June 27th

How big do pet squirrels get on animal jam?

Answer 9: Pet squirrels can get up to 1 foot long.

What do baby pet squirrels look like on animal jam?

Answer 10: Baby pet squirrels look like small versions of adult pet squirrels.

How do you get a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 11: You can purchase a pet squirrel from the animal jam shops.

Do pet squirrels need to be fed on animal jam?

Answer 12: Yes pet squirrels need to be fed every day.

What do you do with a pet squirrel on animal jam?

Answer 13: You can feed it play with it and dress it up.

How many pet squirrels can you have on animal jam?

Answer 14: You can have up to two pet squirrels.

What is the maximum population of pet squirrels on animal jam?

Answer 15: The maximum population of pet squirrels is 10.

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