How To Get Rid Of 13 Striped Ground Squirrel

How to Get Rid of 13 Striped Ground Squirrelshow-to-get-rid-of-13-striped-ground-squirrel

If you’re wondering how to get rid of 13 striped ground squirrels, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss trapping, poisoning, and decoys. These methods are all effective for a small population of these creatures. In large populations, it may be necessary to use poisons to get rid of them. If you want to protect your valuable trees, you may want to consider using a metal mesh or barrier.


If you want to get rid of thirteen striped ground squirrels, you can use fumigation to eliminate their nests. This method works by giving them a strong odor that they dislike. It should be applied along fence rows, property lines, fields, streets, and pathways. If you use this method, you should reapply the fumes once a month, especially after rain.

There are several types of fumigation available. Fumigation is best used when soil is wet, which allows the fumes to penetrate the burrow. It is not necessary to cover up the nest with netting, but it will help lower the number of ground squirrels. The gas will kill the squirrels before they can breed. Trapping can be used throughout the year, until late autumn. Exclusion is another option but is expensive to install and is ineffective. Plastic mesh used in exclusions is easily chewed by ground squirrels.

If you can’t find 13 striped ground squirrels in your home, you should contact a pest control service for professional assistance. You can treat the burrow with aluminum phosphide pellets or tablets. The chemicals used for fumigation are highly regulated, so it is important to follow all precautions before applying them. For best results, read the labels of the products. Place 1 to four pellets or 5 to 20 tablets into the burrow entrance. For larger burrow systems, increase the rate. Place crumpled newspaper over the entrance of the burrow before covering the tablets or pellets with soil.


The first step in trapping a 13-lined ground squirrel is to choose a suitable bait. Peanut butter and sunflower seeds are both effective baits that are hard to get out of the trap without springing it. Peanut butter and sunflower seeds should be glued on the trigger of the trap. Place the bait in the rear of the trap to avoid attracting birds. After setting the bait, wait for the ground squirrel to run out of the hole and hit the “V” trigger on the trap.

If the problem persists, you can try habitat manipulation to reduce the ground squirrel population. Thirteen-lined ground squirrels prefer short grassy areas, so you can encourage grass to grow into dense stands. The same approach will also kill the ground squirrels’ burrows. A block of wood can be used as a prop to hold the trap in place. The trap will remain shut until the ground squirrel leaves its burrow or enters it. If you fail to catch the ground squirrel, you could suffer structural damage.


One method of controlling a large population of ground squirrels is by poisoning them. This method is a very effective means of controlling the squirrel population. It is cheaper, convenient and more effective than other methods, including trapping or repellents. Although it is a form of poisoning, it is an inhumane practice. Here are some facts about this pest. Toxic foods – High-sugar, high-starch, and human junk foods – are toxic to ground squirrels. Also, some poisons can be used as baits and attract the animals away.

Thirteen-lined ground squirrels have been the subject of many reports of extinction. They are not only poisonous to humans, but also to the surrounding ecosystem. Their diet consists of a wide variety of plants and animals, including earthworms and caterpillars. Their burrows and eating of vegetables and seeds damage gardens. In some cases, they even pose a threat to crops. To reduce these problems, some farmers have resorted to poisoning.


For years, Ed Bracikowski has worked in the pest control industry and now runs a company called Pest Strategies. In the past, he has helped homeowners in all kinds of situations, including dealing with squirrels. He believes that using a decoy to scare the squirrels away from a home can be a good idea, because they have a variety of natural predators that they fear. A squirrel decoy can look like a hawk, eagle, or owl, all of which are predators that can scare the squirrels away. He also recommends trying pepper spray, cator oil, and sprinklers.

Baiting is an effective way to repel this animal. You can put untreated grain near the burrows of the ground squirrels, but make sure to check them out during the night when the animals are most active. Baiting with bait is only effective if the animal eats it, and baits have been shown to have no effect on squirrels in nut orchards.

How do you get rid of 13 Striped Ground Squirrels?

Answer: You can get rid of them by using a variety of methods including trapping poisoning and shooting.

What is the best way to get rid of 13 Striped Ground Squirrels?

Answer: The best way to get rid of them is by trapping them and then releasing them far away from your home.

How do you trap 13 Striped Ground Squirrels?

Answer: You can use a variety of traps including live traps and snap traps.

How do you poison 13 Striped Ground Squirrels?

Answer: You can use a variety of poisons including antifreeze rat poison and strychnine.

How do you shoot 13 Striped Ground Squirrels?

Answer: You can shoot them with a pellet gun BB gun or 22-caliber rifle.

Where do 13 Striped Ground Squirrels live?

Answer: They live in a variety of places including burrows trees and brush piles.

What do 13 Striped Ground Squirrels eat?

Answer: They eat a variety of things including fruits nuts seeds and insects.

What is the life cycle of a 13 Striped Ground Squirrel?

Answer: They are born in the spring and typically live for 2-3 years.

How big do 13 Striped Ground Squirrels get?

Answer: They typically range in size from 10-12 inches long.

Do 13 Striped Ground Squirrels carry diseases?

Answer: Yes they can carry a variety of diseases including rabies and tularemia.

Are 13 Striped Ground Squirrels protected?

Answer: In some states they are considered a game animal and it is illegal to kill them.

Check your local laws before taking any action.

How can I keep 13 Striped Ground Squirrels away?

Answer: You can keep them away by sealing up any holes or cracks in your home removing food sources and using traps or poisons.

What should I do if I see a 13 Striped Ground Squirrel?

Answer: If you see one you should contact your local animal control or wildlife agency to have it removed.

I think there is a 13 Striped Ground Squirrel in my house what should I do?

Answer: You should contact your local animal control or wildlife agency to have it removed.

I found a dead 13 Striped Ground Squirrel what should I do?

Answer: You should dispose of it properly by burying it or wrapping it in plastic and putting it in the trash.

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