How To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrel

How To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrels – The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ground SquirrelsHow To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrel

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of ground squirrels, read on! You’ll find out how to use snap traps and pre-baiting to control these pests. You can also try Coyote urine and gas bombs. But, before we get into these methods, let’s take a look at the most effective ones. The following are the most effective ways to get rid of ground squirrels.


If your property is infested with ground squirrels, you can take a number of preventative measures, such as pre-baiting. You should apply poisons in the spring or summer when ground squirrels are actively seeking out seed. However, you must remember that using poisons poses a hazard to animals, especially small children, so use caution when applying poisons. Always read the label and follow the directions to prevent poisoning non-target animals.

If the ground squirrel begins to forage in your yard, chances are it has already abandoned its burrow and is looking for food. Pre-baiting to get rid of ground squirrels will ensure that the squirrels will be deterred from attempting to return to their former den. If the squirrels do not leave their burrow, they may have already moved on to other colonies. In this case, the ground squirrels may die from lack of food and starvation.

Body grip traps

One of the best ways to get rid of ground squirrels is to use body-gripping traps, also known as Conibear(r) traps. These traps are placed over burrow entrances, so a single trap can easily catch a colony. It is important to cover all burrow entrances and set several to dozens of No. 110 traps. Traps should be staked so scavengers cannot access the trapped rodents. Body-gripping traps can be purchased at most hardware stores and many online sources.

To use a body grip trap, you first need to place the trap in the entrance of the ground squirrel’s burrow. You will want to wedge the trap’s door into the entrance so the squirrel must go through it to exit and enter. If necessary, use a block of wood or other suitable object to prop the trap so the squirrel will be trapped. Be sure to follow local regulations regarding trapping, as some jurisdictions will not allow the use of body grip traps in the presence of pets or protected wildlife.

Coyote urine

If you’re struggling with a ground squirrel infestation, you might want to consider using a natural repellent. Coyote urine is a strong odor that will repel ground squirrels and will send them running for cover. If you use it around your property, you can sprinkle it every 10 to 20 feet to prevent them from getting inside. If you have trouble removing the ground squirrels, try using a homemade repellent. It’s inexpensive and can be made from ingredients you probably already have in your home. If you’re feeling adventurous, try using essential oils to create a blend that’s a bit more enticing.

To deter squirrels, you can purchase repellents online. You can use coyote urine, fox urine, or mothballs to keep them away. Mothballs are a popular repellent, but don’t forget that the napthalene content in them doesn’t deter squirrels. I’ve heard stories of people pouring 50 lbs. of mothballs in their attics only to find them ineffective. Ultrasonic sound emitters are also effective at repelling squirrels.

Gas bombs

Gas bombs are an effective method for killing ground squirrels. However, you must be sure that the fumigant will not affect the plants or the roots of the trees. Also, in some areas, you may not be allowed to use gas bombs because of the dangers associated with them. Fumigation is another popular way to get rid of ground squirrels and is safe for pets and children. This method is most effective when it is used during the spring season. However, it can be dangerous for people and pets and may have side effects.

Another way to eliminate ground squirrels is by using gasoline. The amount of gasoline you put into the soil will depend on the structure of the soil. Once the gas is in the soil, the rodent will suffocate, leaving no trace behind. Smoke bombs are another effective method for terminating ground squirrels. These devices disperse gas into the burrows of the ground squirrels, thus killing them instantly.

Habitat modification

You can control the population of ground squirrels by reducing their food sources. One effective way to do this is to lock trash can lids. Moreover, make sure to clean up after every gathering. Plants containing nuts, berries, and vegetables should be picked up regularly. If possible, eliminate water sources in yards. This way, you can limit the ground squirrel population and enjoy your yard again. If all these methods fail, you can try to use natural enemies to reduce their population.

You can also consider trapping. Trapping can be an effective method to get rid of ground squirrels. It will kill any rodents that survive. Trapping can be done throughout the year. You can also use chemicals and traps to kill ground squirrels. Ensure the traps are effective and use a trap to catch them. You should also check for new burrows in the area. If you notice any new arrivals, start management actions as soon as you spot them. For detailed information on how to get rid of ground squirrels, visit the UC Ground Squirrel Best Management Practices.

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