how to get squirrel away from my fruit tree

How to Get a Squirrel Away From My Fruit Treehow to get squirrel away from my fruit tree

If your fruit tree is infested with squirrels, it can be difficult to keep them out. You may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, but there are ways to protect your tree from this pest. You can use chicken wire, Bird netting, Decoys, Sticky shelf liner, and more. Read on to learn about these methods. But first, make sure you know the risks associated with each method.

Bird netting

You can use bird netting, which is a mesh material that is designed to deter birds and other small animals from pecking at your fruits. But this type of netting isn’t foolproof. Birds, like rodents, can tear it easily, so be sure to tighten it well. If you have trouble securing the netting, you can also consider installing baffles. These protective barriers surround the base of your fruit tree, preventing the squirrels and other creatures from climbing up the trunk. These barriers are inexpensive and readily available from a local nursery.

You can also install predator decoys to keep birds away from your fruit trees. These devices emit noises that can scare birds and keep them away. These decoys are effective when installed in the right location, but they need to be removed at the right time to protect your fruit tree. If you put up bird netting, you can also use predator decoys, which will scare away the birds and help keep your fruit tree free from squirrels.

Chicken wire

One way to keep squirrels away from your fruit tree is to install a chicken wire fence. While you may be tempted to use a simple chicken wire fence, this is not an effective deterrent for most kinds of animals. Not only will the fence attract more rodents, but the holes in the chicken wire will be too small to stop a squirrel from digging through it. A better option is a heavier duty woven wire mesh fence.

You can install chicken wire around your fruit tree in many ways, including using thin pieces of flexible plastic or metal. You can wrap these around the trunk of the tree, and then secure them with wire strung through the holes in the baffle. To avoid attracting more wildlife to your fruit tree, place decoy predators around it. Plastic owls, hawks, scarecrows, and snakes are excellent fake predators.


Using a few decoys in your yard can help keep the pesky rodent away from your fruit tree. For example, you can place shiny metal objects on the trunk of the tree. Other decoys you can use include metal collars and bird netting. Adding a little bit of grease or oil to the collars may scare the squirrel away. A plastic snake or scarecrow is also an effective fake predator.

Another way to deter a squirrel from eating from your fruit tree is to use mousetraps. They are inexpensive and can be placed near trash cans or under the eaves of your porch. Remember to anchor the traps so they don’t harm the squirrel. This will keep the squirrel from digging through the paper and setting off the mousetrap. The decoys won’t jump up to catch the squirrel, but they will get scared and run away.

Sticky shelf liner

If you’re trying to keep squirrels from ruining your fruit tree, you’ve probably tried using a sticky shelf liner around the trunk. This can help deter them from climbing up your fruit tree. It works by providing an unmistakable odor to deter them from stepping on the liner, so they’ll be unlikely to climb up it. Apply the liner to your fruit tree as soon as it starts to develop and you should be fine.

You can also install bird netting around your fruit tree to discourage squirrels from nibbling on your fruit. Use a sturdy rope or clothes pins to hang it from the tree. This will keep squirrels away for at least a year. Make sure to secure the bird netting securely to avoid nicks and scratches to your fruit tree. If you have a larger tree, it may be necessary to get a ladder to reach it.


To get rid of your squirrel problem, you can use various tricks to scare it away. Some effective methods include using bird tape, ultrasonic devices, scarecrows, or even spraying repellents. You can also install a squirrel baffle to prevent it from climbing the tree. However, you should remember that the best way to scare the squirrel away from fruit trees is through a professional pest control service.

Besides the traps, you can also use strong odors to repel the animal. The scents of peppermint, garlic, and daffodils are all good for repelling squirrels. You can also sprinkle some of these scents on the tree. Apple cider vinegar also has a strong smell, but it doesn’t harm the plant. Try spraying it on the tree if you want to keep the squirrel away.


If you’re not in the mood to use poison, you can try repellents, hot pepper sauce, and ultrasonic devices. Some repellents, like peppermint oil, are natural and safe. But you should apply them regularly to ensure that they remain effective. Although no repellent is 100% effective, it can cut down on the carnage of your fruit. If the squirrel still persists, consider a squirrel baffle. This will prevent the squirrel from climbing up your fruit tree in the first place.

When setting traps, you need to place them on a flat surface along the path of the squirrel. You can also use snap-back live traps to lure them. Place the bait behind the trigger plate of the trap, so that they will not jump out of it. Make sure that you change the trap regularly. Otherwise, the squirrel will become accustomed to it and will keep coming back. Once they have learned the trap, remove it and release it in a safe and friendly environment.

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