How To Get Squirrel Fish Genshin

How to Get Squirrel Fish in Genshin Impact

You can find out how to get squirrel fish in the game by reading this guide! This article will provide you with the recipe and some variations to make it more interesting. You can also read about Farming pinecones for squirrel fish. And if you’re looking for some basic food, this will be an excellent option. It will cost you 5000 Mora, but you’ll get 30 34% max HP, plus 600 1900 bonus points. And this will be one of the best ways to level your character in Genshin!


In the Japanese RPG Genshin Impact, cooking squirrel fish can be an extremely useful skill. It’s an item that can restore up to 32% of Max Health and give players an additional 1,250 HP. You can get a recipe for it from Chef Mao, who is located southwest of the Adventure Guild and east of the Teleport Waypoint. The recipe has three different types, each restoring up to 32% of maximum health. The good news is that you can eat all three at once.

You can purchase a squirrel fish recipe for 5,000 Mora from Chef Mao in the Wanmin Restaurant, but you must learn how to cook it first. Once you have learned the recipe, head back to the Wanmin Restaurant and click the new item you purchased. The cooking menu will now show your newly purchased recipe. Genshin Impact is available for PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. It’s free to download, but you’ll need to have Adventure Rank 35 or higher to unlock it.


You can purchase a recipe for squirrel fish in Genshin Impact from Chef Mao in the Wanmin Restaurant, east of Teleport Waypoint. There are three types of squirrel fish to choose from: normal, tasty, and suspicious. Each version cures a percentage of your max HP and provides buffs for the team. The delicious version provides an additional 600 HP. Choosing this recipe also provides Barbara and Diona with a Character Bonus of 12% chance of receiving double the recipe.

The recipes for Squirrel Fish are very easy to find and buy in Genshin Impact. All you need is a high Adventure Rank to unlock them. They can be purchased from the Wanmin Restaurant for 5000 Mora. To obtain the recipe, you must be at least 35 Adventure Rank. Once you get this achievement, you will be able to make Squirrel Fish and receive a 600-1900 bonus.

Variations of squirrel fish

The sweer-and-sour squirrel fish, is a common delicacy in the Japanese game Genshin Impact. Players can purchase a recipe from chef Mao by heading to the Adventure Guild. When cooked, squirrel fish restores up to 32% of your maximum HP and gives a bonus of 1250 HP. The Delicious and Suspicious variants have different benefits.

This recipe is very easy to get in Genshin Impact. It can be bought for 5000 Mora from a vendor in the Wanmin Restaurant once you reach an Adventure Rank 35 or higher. Once you have the recipe, the squirrels will restore thirty-three percent of your max health and give you an additional 600-1900 bonus. It is also fairly simple to cook, and can be used to replenish your health at the same time.

Farming pinecones

If you’ve ever wanted to farm Pinecones for Genshin Impact, you’re not alone. These oil-rich seeds can be found all over Mondstadt, and they’re easy to come by. To find them, all you have to do is look for shining signs. Once you’ve spotted one, simply head northwest to gather more. You can even find them under Pinetrees.

You can start farming Pinecones for Genshin Impact by finding locations where the trees spawn. The best locations for gathering Pinecones are around the north part of the game, near the Statue of the Seven. Alternatively, you can also teleport south to gather more Pinecones. Ultimately, the more Pinecones you collect, the more Genshin you’ll have.

Obtaining formula

In Genshin Impact, obtaining the Squirrel Fish recipe is very easy. All you need to do is reach an Adventure Rank of 35 or higher. Then, visit the Wanmin Restaurant to purchase the recipe. This recipe costs 5000 Mora and requires four Fish, two tomatoes, two flour, and one sugar. The recipe also requires a decent Adventure Rank, so be sure to work on that!

There are several different ways to obtain the squirrel fish formula. Obtaining it is relatively simple, and requires only 5000 Mora. Moreover, it can only be obtained for players with Adventure Rank 35 and above. Its effects range from 30% to 34% of Max HP and add anywhere from 850 to 2700 HP to the selected character. It is an excellent choice for those who just want basic food and do not have the time to grind for it.

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The IUCN status of a squirrel fish means that they are not currently threatened with extinction and their population is considered to be stable.

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