How To Get Squirrel Gage Motor Off Furnace Without A Blower Puller

How to Get a Squirrel Gage Motor Off Your Furnace Without a Blower Puller

If you want to learn how to get a squirrel gage motor off your furnace, read on to learn the steps. This article explains how to do it without a blower puller. You will need a squirrel cage and a set screw. If you have a plastic blower, you will need a squirrel cage that has a compression ring and a set screw.

To remove the squirrel cage motor, you must first unbolt the access panel and the blower motor assembly. Remove the nuts and the screws holding the blower motor assembly to the center board. Next, move the two metal frames rails that connect the motor assembly to the furnace frame. You should now be able to remove the motor from the lower blower compartment. After that, you can replace the blower cage fan with a new one.

If you have no blower puller, it is possible that the blower motor can break. The blower motor is secured by two screws. Loosen these screws. After removing the screws, pull the motor out of the cage. Afterwards, tighten the fan belt. The fan belt should deflect from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. Repeat this process until the fan belt is taut.

Before removing the motor, you should first clean the shaft of the blower by using a penetrating oil and sandpaper. Look for high metal gouges or rust. If there are any high spots, use a file to remove them. Make sure to remove the mounting bolts as well. Then, you can remove the motor from the blower wheel by removing the screws that hold it to the blower housing.

To repair the blower motor, locate the blower motor. It is usually located behind a lower access panel near the floor. Before removing the motor, turn the furnace off and remove the mounting nuts and control panel. You must also remove the upper panel that covers the burner chamber and control panel. You should be careful when removing the lower access panel since there is often a safety switch on it to prevent it from turning on while you’re removing the panel.

If the motor is dirty, it can lead to electrical shorts and mechanical failure. To avoid this, it is advisable to contact a technician. HVAC specialists are trained to clean these delicate parts. Their technicians can find efficiency problems and remove debris without harming the furnace. However, you should make sure to turn off the power before working on it, otherwise you may end up being electrocuted.

Replacing the motor is easy. You will need to remove the fan and blower wheel. Then, you can use a puller to remove the motor’s hub from the shaft. Make sure to carefully align the motor’s shaft before putting it back together. Don’t forget to replace the fan blade, too. You’ll be thankful that you did!

Another common issue is overheating the motor. This problem is most likely caused by dirt and debris. It may also need a reset. If your furnace does this automatically, then simply press the red button on the thermostat and the motor will reboot itself. If your blower motor is noisy or squealing, contact a HVAC technician for an evaluation. If the bearings are fine, the blower motor may just need to be replaced.

Once you know how to get the squirrel cage fan off furnace without a blower puller, you can do it on your own. You can remove the fan assembly by pulling the back cover off of the furnace. This process is straightforward, but remember to take precautions to prevent any accident. You might get some dirt on your hands while removing the fan, so be careful not to touch the motor!

First, turn off the power in the room where you are working. Then, remove the blower motor assembly. Remove all screws and nuts that secure it. Be sure to disconnect the wires that run to the blower motor. Place the unit upside down and remove the circuit board and wires. After the assembly is removed, clean it with simple tools. Once the assembly is free, you can now remove the blower motor.

Once you’ve gotten the motor free, you can start working on the problem. You may need to remove the blower pulley from the motor. If the blower is not spinning, you may have a loose or faulty motor. It can also be in need of replacement. The problem could be something as simple as a loose wire or a faulty motor.

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