how to get squirrel out of wood stove chimney pipe

How to Get Squirrel Out of Wood Stove Chimney Pipehow to get squirrel out of wood stove chimney pipe

Before beginning the process of getting rid of a squirrel, you must ensure that the animal is indeed present in the chimney. Then, tie old clothes, rope, towels, or any other materials that are comfortable around the animal’s natural habitat to the chimney. After the animal is ejected, put on a cap. After a few hours, the squirrel should have moved on. Now, follow the steps mentioned above to get the animal out of the chimney safely.

Mesh cap

Installing a mesh cap on the top of a wood stove chimney pipe can keep a squirrel from gaining access. Squirrels and other animals are drawn to open chimneys, which can harbor diseases and attract pests. The cap prevents these animals from entering the pipe by preventing them from chewing through the mesh. Alternatively, homeowners can also buy a mesh cap that covers the chimney itself.

If a squirrel is still stuck in the chimney, it might be able to climb out with a little assistance. You can use a length of rope or long material to act as a ladder. After the squirrel enters the trap, they will use the rope to climb out of the pipe. After they are out, the squirrel will likely return to the chimney and take up residence there. If the squirrel is not a threat to human life, you can also call animal control or a pest removal company to help you get rid of the problem.

Installing a mesh cap is an excellent way to keep out birds, snakes, and other creatures. It will also ensure that your chimney is working properly. If the animal is too big to fit into the cap, you can purchase a mesh cap made of metal. If the squirrel is still trapped, you should also have a chimney technician check for other potential entrance points. In addition to installing a mesh cap, you should also purchase a chimney cap made of plastic.

Wildlife eviction fluid

One effective way to chase a squirrel out of your wood stove chimney pipe is to use a wildlife eviction fluid. This fluid mimics the scent of predatory animals, including raccoons, which cause a squirrel to flee and find a safer home. Wildlife eviction fluid is safe to use around children and pets and works best if you apply it directly to the animal’s face.

If a mother squirrel has left her babies in the pipe, you can try to trap the animal. A mother squirrel can easily find an open flue, but she might not be able to clamber out because she has her babies with her. Regardless, it is your job to save the babies. You can recognize the squirrel by its sharp claws and scampering motions.

If you don’t want to risk the safety of children and pets, you can also try to lure the animal out with a mesh cap on top of the chimney. You can also use a squirrel trap to catch the mother and babies. It will take some time to catch the mother and baby squirrel, but it is possible to catch them. And if you don’t want to spend all day searching for the animal, you can also use a trap to catch them.

Professional wildlife rehabilitators

Getting a squirrel out of a wood stove chimney pipe is an arduous task. If the animal is a mother, a squirrel trapping job may be in order. In addition to the dangers of trapping an animal, its droppings can seep into your home’s wood. Its fur is also likely to rip insulation and cause other damages. Moreover, the animals are hard to catch, which makes the task even more challenging.

Using live traps to capture a squirrel isn’t recommended. Live squirrels can carry dangerous diseases from the homes they inhabit. And their feces and urine contain dangerous bacteria. Additionally, a squirrel can cause significant damage to a house. In the case of a squirrel infestation, a wildlife rehabilitator may be necessary. The cost of removing a squirrel depends on the location of the problem.

Once trapped inside a wood stove chimney pipe, a squirrel may try to escape through an open wall or fireplace. A weighted rope can be used to pull the animal free. You may also want to use wildlife eviction fluid. This repellent is a highly effective method, and it mimics the scent of predatory animals. Otherwise, a squirrel in a wood stove chimney pipe may breed twice a year, resulting in an exponential population.

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