How To Get The Birds Nest From The Squirrel In Poptropica

How to Get the Birds Nest From the Squirrel in Poptropica

This guide will walk you through the steps to get the birds nest from the squirrel. In addition, you’ll learn about building a fire and Amelia’s mysteries. This step is vital in getting the birds nest, as it will make it possible to get bon bons, which you need for survival. This article also includes a list of the things you’ll need for survival in Poptropica, including the birds nest.

Getting the birds nest from the squirrel

The first step to collecting the birds nest is to get close to the squirrel. If you approach, the squirrel will fly away, but if you get too close, it will start pecking at the tree. Once you reach the squirrel, you can collect the eggs. Once you have collected them all, you can move on to collect the other items. You should then use these items to build your nest.

The nest is filled with things you can use to survive in the forest. If you are able to collect enough of these items, you can build a fire and survive. The nest contains tinder, mittens, food, and carrots. It is a must to collect them all before you move on to the next island. This is the most difficult part of the game, but once you know the basics, you will be able to make a fire and survive.

Building a fire

First, you have to find the nest of the woodpecker. In the forest, you can pick up pieces of broken branches or book pages. Once you have collected enough pieces of wood, you can jump to the squirrel’s nest and collect the eggs. Wait for the woodpecker to fly over and peck at the nest to collect the eggs. The woodpecker will leave the empty nest in his wake.

If you want to build a campfire, you must gather the squirrel’s nest first. Inside, you will find tinder, mittens, food, and carrots. Gather all these items first before you can move on. Once you have them, you can start building a campfire. You will also find the bird’s nest handy for collecting items. The birds’ nest is also useful in Poptropica survival, so you should go there first.

Amelia’s mysteries

If you want to know how to get the birds nest from the squirrel in the game Poptropica, you should know that the woodpecker will not allow you to take his nest unless you have a certain item or the squirrel will kill you. Luckily, this is not the case. The woodpecker will fly off to the far right or left to the top of the tree where he will eat the birds nest.

You can also collect a unicorn stuffed animal from Amelia. Amelia loves magical creatures, and when you ask her where she lives, she will open the door to show you her bedroom. It is covered in unicorns and sparkles, and Amelia loves all things magical! Once you’ve completed the quest, you can return to the tree and save the birds from the squirrel. You can even use this animal to reclaim your home!

Getting bon bons

In Poptropica, getting bon bons is quite easy. First, you need to get eggs on three separate days. After you get the eggs, you will need to feed the birds, and once you do, the birds will make their way to the nest. Then, after changing the vents, Flambe will drop the mixer. You can also get bon bons from Florian Fosbury throwing food.

What is the name of the island on Poptropica where you need to get the birds nest from the squirrel?

Skullduggery Island

Where is the nest located?

In a tree in the pirate cemetery

How do you get the squirrel out of the tree?

You need to give it a bone from the pirate cemetery

How do you get the bone?

You need to dig it up with the shovel

Where is the shovel located?

In front of the General Store

How do you get the bone to the squirrel?

You need to use the slingshot

Where is the slingshot located?

In the pirate cemetery

What do you need to use for ammunition?


Where are the rocks located?

On the ground in the pirate cemetery

How do you get the squirrel out of the tree once you have the bone?

You need to use the slingshot again

How do you get the birds nest?

Once the squirrel is out of the tree the nest will be lowered

What do you need to do with the nest?

Take it to the museum

How do you get to the museum?

Go to the left side of the island and enter the skull-shaped door

What do you need to do once you’re in the museum?

Give the nest to the curator

What do you get for completing the quest?

A medal

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