how to get to squirrel flats trinity lake

How to Get to Squirrel Flats in Trinity County, Californiahow to get to squirrel flats trinity lake

Squirrel Flat is a plain in Trinity County, California, at an elevation of 2,379 feet. It is located near Squirrel Creek and Squirrel Gulch. You can access the lake from the Fairview Ramp or by car. Here are some tips for fishing in this beautiful area. To get started, you can drive to the Fairview Ramp and then follow signs to Squirrel Flat.

Fishing at Trinity Lake

To fish for smallmouth bass in Trinity Lake, the upper end is a good choice. The rocky shorelines and gravelly flats make excellent spawning and holding habitat. While the upper area is considered to be the most productive place to fish for bass, there are many other productive spots throughout the main Trinity Arm. For example, if you’re interested in fishing for bass in the summer, try using soft plastics on a drop shot rig. Largemouth bass tend to fall for swimbaits that imitate kokanee salmon and trout.

If you are interested in catching kokanee in Trinity Lake, you can try trolling spoons in open water. These fish often bite nightcrawlers and other natural baits. These fish are prized table fare, and are very tasty on light tackle. For more information about kokanee fishing, check out Trinity Lake’s fishing report online. You can also catch Chinook salmon, which are much smaller than channel cats but still put up a good fight when fished with light tackle.


The Squirrel Flat is a plain in Trinity County, California. It is located at an elevation of 2,379 feet and is adjacent to Squirrel Gulch and Squirrel Creek. The lake itself is surrounded by the Trinity River. Access to squirrel flats is often by boat, and it offers excellent fishing. In addition, it is home to a large population of bald eagles.

During the spring and summer months, the Trinity River is a great place for fishing. The Trinity River is a popular destination for trout fishing. Anglers can spend the entire day at the Trinity River, or fish from the south end on weekends. Access to squirrel flats is available in the area, as well as at the Lewiston Lake dam. Another excellent place to fish is Motil Pond, a small lake with plentiful bass and bullhead catfish.

Fishing at Squirrel Flat

You’ve heard of fishing in the pristine waters of Squirrel Flats, but how much do you know about this popular place? Well, there’s good news. This lake is stocked with cutthroat trout, and fishing is fantastic below the dam and in the tailwater section of the San Juan River. For those who don’t have access to a boat, there are several campgrounds in the vicinity. You can stay at either Alpine View Campground or Minersville Campground, and both have boat launch facilities.

Smallmouth bass love worms, and largemouth bass will gobble up 6-inch worms. For even greater success, try the neko rig, a variation of the traditional wacky worm. This rig creates a distinct flutter as the worm falls. While the worms themselves are not particularly big, soft plastics on drop shot rigs can be effective for bass in this location, too. Bigger bass will fall for hefty swimbaits imitating trout, kokanee salmon, or smelt.

Fishing at Fairview Ramp

If you are wondering how to get to squirrel flats, Trinity County is the place to go. The area is a flat area that reaches an elevation of 2,379 feet, and is located near Squirrel Creek and Squirrel Gulch. You can stay at the Trinity Lake Resort or Pinewood Cove Resort. If you plan to drive, you’ll want to plan on taking a boat to the lake, which offers several options.

The lake is surrounded by the Trinity National Forest, and several public boat access sites are available for use. The Fairview Public Boat Ramp is a popular launch site, which is convenient for salmon and trout excursions. Another public boat ramp is located closer to Trinity Lake, at the head of the lake. Note that the water level in Trinity Lake often drops below the lake’s level. In late summer, the water level can be quite low, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to fish.

Fishing at Hayward Flat

Squirrel Flat is a plain in Trinity County, California, with an elevation of 2,379 feet. Situated near Squirrel Creek, the area offers plenty of water activities, including fishing and boating. There are also interpretive signs explaining the area’s placer mining history. If you want to experience Trinity Lake without getting wet, there are several campgrounds near the lake with shore access and boat ramps.

The upper end of Trinity Lake is usually considered to be the best place for smallmouth bass fishing, due to its rocky shorelines and gravelly flats. However, areas all along the main Trinity Arm are productive as well. If you’re traveling by boat, try Trinity Center Marina and Trinity Alps Marina. You can also rent boats at Trinity Lake Resort and Marina. While there’s no specific parking lot, it’s easy to get around.

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