How To Help A Squirrel Having A Seizure

Helping a Squirrel Having a Seizurehow to help a squirrel having a seizure

First, you must understand that squirrels are not human beings. It is possible to help them, but you must be prepared to face the difficulty of helping a squirrel having a seizure. There are some steps you should take, however, if you want to avoid any negative consequences. Listed below are some tips that you can follow. Sugary food is one of them. Rub it inside its mouth. Wait for a few minutes, and then rub it again. You may have to repeat this method a few times to see if the seizure stops, but it’s definitely worth a shot.


Squirrels can have seizures for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is a result of a brain injury. Other times they are simply suffering from hypoglycemia. In either case, you can give them jelly or sugary semi-liquids to help them feel better. If you can catch the squirrel in time, you can save it from its seizure by bringing it to the sanctuary to receive lifelong care.

While nut consumption will not directly cause a squirrel to have a seizure, the presence of a healthy diet is crucial for keeping it healthy. For example, a squirrel may have a bone disorder if it does not consume enough calcium. If the condition is serious, the animal may even lose its back legs. In any case, you must ensure the proper balance of vitamins and minerals in the animal’s diet to keep it in good health.


You may think that giving a baby squirrel some peanuts or a bowl of fruit juice can cure a squirrel having a seizure, but these foods aren’t the best for your little critter. In fact, they could even cause harm. Peanuts and fruit juice are high in fat and sugar, and squirrels often get a sugar rush from them. Besides, they aren’t the best pets to keep.

To help your squirrel recover from a seizure, you should give him a nutritious, balanced diet. Your squirrel needs a good balance of vitamins and minerals, so it would be best to give it a good mix of fruits and vegetables. You can also offer a small portion of vegetables, such as broccoli or arugula. Likewise, squirrels can eat radicchio and kale.

Rehydration fluids

First, assess the squirrel’s dehydration. A dehydrated squirrel has a reduced output of urine. It may also exhibit other symptoms of dehydration. Squirrels’ urine may be dark brown and small. Immediately administer rehydration fluids to relieve the dehydration and prevent further seizures. Use a diluted solution of 1/3 hydration fluid to 2/3 water. Do not use artificial sweeteners or flavored solutions.

First, determine how much formula the squirrel is losing. A teaspoon of formula is sufficient for an adult squirrel. To reduce the risk of aspirating, you can use a syringe. The Miracle Nipple is the ideal nipple. For smaller squirrels, the smallest syringe is sufficient. Use a special formula called Esbilac. This formula is only available at certain pet stores and Chris’s Squirels and More. It is important to purchase it immediately.

Skin turgor

If you’re helping a squirrel having a seizured episode, you should look for decreased skin turgor. This is a late symptom of moderate to severe dehydration. The skin snaps back to its normal position rapidly when the squirrel is well-hydrated. If the skin remains elevated, it will return slowly. Dehydration is a leading cause of death in young squirrels. It is also important to note that baby squirrels have a naturally loose skin, making it easy to test whether or not a squirrel is hydrated.

Esbilac formula

You can buy the Esbilac formula at most pet stores or here at The Squirrel Store. If you have a squirrel in your yard who is having a seizure, you must make sure to get it right away because squirrels have no time to wait for the formula to arrive from Connecticut. If you attempt to feed your squirrel at home, the store employee will likely try to talk you into giving them something else since they do not understand wildlife care.

While the Esbilac formula was designed for humans, it was still widely available. It contained casein, whey protein concentrate, and lactose. Other non-protein nutrients included vegetable oil and butterfat. In addition to the protein, the product also contained eggs yolk, which contributed fatty acids and high-quality proteins. This made the Esbilac formula easier to digest and contain more growth factors. But the butterfat in the formula may have been problematic and made the product clump when mixed with water.

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