How to Help a Baby Squirrel

If you find a baby squirrel, there are several ways you can care for it. You can feed it Esbilac formula, Fleece Nesting Pouches, or high-protein pellets mixed with healthy nuts. You can also purchase an Esbilac Nest Box and a Fleece Nesting Pouches for the baby squirrel. Nevertheless, feeding your baby squirrel any of these will only cause more harm than good.

Esbilac formulas

A veterinarian can use Esbilac formulas for baby squirrels, but there are some precautions you should take. The first thing you should do is feed the baby squirrel slowly, not too fast, or it could lead to problems like aspiration. Use a small syringe to administer the formula, as large ones could injure the baby squirrel’s delicate stomach. Also, keep the baby squirrel in a warm place, away from strong heat and drafts.

A nutritionist at Pet Ag told a reporter that Esbilac contains a lactose content of 0.5%. This amount is low compared to dog or human milk, which contain 5.2 or more lactose. Mother squirrel milk contains approximately 3.7% lactose, while mother dog milk contains 3.8%. In general, Esbilac formulas are too low in lactose for a baby squirrel.

Nest Boxes

If you want to help a baby squirrel stay at home, one way to make sure the mother does not move is to install a nest box in a tree. Nest boxes are made of wooden blocks and are placed in trees at least 10 feet high. The entry hole should face east or south to minimize disturbance by predators. The box should be placed 20 to 30 feet off the ground, close to a branch.

Place the box near the original nest. The box should be placed near a tree or area where the mother may have moved the nest. Keep the box secure so the mother doesn’t accidentally scare the baby. If the baby squirrel is still closed in its shell, place a bottle of hot water near it. Be sure to test the temperature first! Don’t forget to put cardboard over it if it rains. Mother squirrel won’t be searching the box if it is wet.

Fleece Nesting Pouches

Fleece nesting pouches are a great way to keep your baby squirrel warm during the first few weeks. You can purchase them online or in most pet stores. You can use them to keep your baby squirrel warm in the first few weeks, as long as you remember to change the pouches daily. If the mother squirrel does not arrive in 30 minutes, you can bring the baby inside the home. You can also bring the baby inside when it gets too cold outside the nest, or if you know of a dangerous animal nearby.

Besides providing warmth, fleece nesting pouches are also a good way to provide comfort and safety for your baby squirrel. A no-auto-shutoff heating pad will be necessary for your baby squirrel at some point. This heating pad will provide constant heat, and you can adjust the temperature for your baby squirrel’s comfort. You can place it on a low setting so your baby squirrel will have a consistent temperature.

High-protein pellets mixed with healthy nuts

Squirrels are growing and should be fed solid nourishments such as a mixture of high-protein pellets and healthy nuts. Squirrel Complete contains high-protein pellets blended with solid nuts for optimal nutrition. A glass or ceramic feeding dish is best for this purpose, as it is sterile and dishwasher-safe. Avoid giving your baby squirrel organic food, and use a dish made of ceramic rather than plastic.

If you are feeding a baby squirrel, make sure to warm it up first. It’s a good idea to provide a warm bath, as newborn squirrels don’t generate their own heat. A warm bath is also a great way to stimulate the infant’s digestive system and encourage it to digest food. Alternatively, you can provide a bottle of water for the baby squirrel and feed him or her with a mixture of high-protein pellets and healthy nuts.

Reuniting a baby squirrel with its mother

Reuniting a baby squirrel with its mom is possible, even if you’ve accidentally or unknowingly disturbed it. There are several ways to go about it. The first one is to record the baby’s cry on your phone. Play the video as loudly as you can so that the mother squirrel will notice. Make sure to stay out of sight, and turn off the phone ringer. The video will alert the mother squirrel, and she will likely come back to take the babies. Be patient as the mother may take time to move her babies.

Another effective method involves leaving the baby for four hours on a tree trunk. You can also place it in a container attached to the tree. Try to keep the baby squirrel warm. If the baby squirrel does not return within that time frame, you can play the mother’s distress call loudly while you’re waiting for her. If the mother does not come back after the fourth hour, play it again.

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